Faster, Easier Beta Programs for Web and Mobile

Organizing beta invites, distributing builds and collecting feedback is a demanding process without being able to utilize the right tools.

Applause’s Beta Management tool removes all the barriers that stand in the way of conducting a successful beta program. From a streamlined distribution model and in-app bug reporting to real-time data and integration with your BTS and CI processes, Applause makes managing your beta easy.

What We Offer

OTA Distribution, In-App Feedback

Unlike other solutions, Beta Management requires no app store approval, no third party software and no separate processes for your participants to provide feedback. When invited, participants receive an email (branded as your own) containing a link to accept and download your app. While using your app, participants simply shake their device to report a bug or provide feedback, including reproduction steps, annotated screenshots and even screen recordings. These mobile-first, participant-focused approaches drive dramatically increased engagement rates and result in superior quality bug and feedback reports.

Reports, Filtering and Integrations

In addition to bug and feedback reports, Beta Management also includes participant session information as well as automatic crash reporting. To make sense of all the incoming data, the dashboard filters and neatly organizes bugs, feedback, session logs and crash reports in real time to maximize your efficiency. Reports identify trends across builds, devices and OSs, letting you focus in on the areas that matter most. Best of all, Beta Management integrates with bug tracking systems like Jira, Mantis and Bugzilla, sending bugs, feedback and crashes to be addressed as part of your established workflows.

Reports, Filtering and Integrations
Frictionless Distribution

Frictionless Distribution

Starting your beta is as easy as importing participant emails, uploading your build (or pushing via CI) and clicking the “distribute” button. Want to A/B test your iOS app while you run a 6 month long beta on your Android app? Go for it – manage multiple builds and apps at the same time from the same dashboard.

Whitelabeling, NDA Management and Alerts

Brand everything, set welcome messages and release notes, enforce NDA acceptance, receive alerts when bugs are reported, segment users into distribution groups and manage your team all from the dashboard. You can even remotely disable participant access to previously distributed builds with the click of a button. And it’s all unlimited – send as many builds to as many participants as you like, as often as you want.


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Applause’s Beta Management tool gives you everything you need to conduct betas that drive superior user participation and feedback. It’s time to stop struggling through your betas – contact us today to learn more about Beta Management or get started with a trial.

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"Applause [Beta Management] made it easier to recruit large volumes of users, to distribute builds to those large volumes of users, and easier to collect large volumes of feedback."

- Kenric Russell
Manager of Mobile Beta Programs, eBay

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