Security Testing

Keeping customer information secure and private is a top priority for all companies. Unfortunately, new vulnerabilities are discovered every day and it’s nearly impossible to keep pace with them all. That’s why it’s critical to perform regular security audits of your applications and interconnected systems with seasoned security professionals. The security experts from Applause will dig deep to uncover the issues that can cost you time, money and reputation.

Security Experts

Rely on our security experts to understand the complexities of your app, uncover security and privacy vulnerabilities.

Security Experts

Our security experts know software testing inside and out. They'll help you ensure you don't fall victim to common vulnerabilities like the OWASP Top 10, and will take a deeper look to identify any weak points hackers can exploit. Whether you're dealing with a mobile app, web app, API, or another platform, Applause has specialists that fit your needs.

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Expert Risk Assessment

Our hand-picked security experts will work with you to design a unique test plan based on your specific needs.

Expert Risk Assessment

Keeping your application secure is a never-ending battle. As you make changes or as hackers invent new ways to compromise applications you need to run another round of security testing.

Applause puts a team of professional security testers at your fingertips whenever you need them. Plus, you can get the expertise to fit your needs whether you're testing a mobile app, a web app, a REST API and more.

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Actionable Remediation Plan

After security testing is complete, Applause provides you with a robust report and actionable remediation plan.

Actionable Remediation Plan

Applause keeps your bugs in a secure ecosystem with our custom platform and bug tracking system integrations. Your vulnerabilities will only be exposed to you and your team.

Applause serves as a continuous partner to keep your website, app, or application as healthy and secure as possible through black-box manual penetration testing services.

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How It Works

Test with a team of security specialists who know the ins and outs of finding security and privacy vulnerabilities.

Applause provides companies of all sizes with manual penetration testing services. We’ll probe for the most common security and privacy vulnerabilities to catch issues that automated vulnerability scanning tools miss while lowering the overall cost of security testing.


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What You Get

Applause has all your manual penetration testing needs covered – from defining test plan requirements, to manually probing for real world attack scenarios and other common vulnerabilities, to a more in-depth analysis down to the code level to delivering an actionable remediation plan.

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  • Top Security Experts

    Work with some of the top experts in security testing. Mix and match testing experts as needed: Work with mobile experts to test your mobile app before a big launch and then work with web API experts to test your web backend after you've made important updates.

    Sample Security Tester Profile

  • Experienced Project Manager

    Running a security test is probably not something you do everyday, which is why we provide an experienced project manager to help you with all the details. Your project manager will work to understand your testing needs, manage the testing process and ensure you're getting the results you expect.

    Sample Platform Security Stream

  • Instant, Secure, Private Results

    Your security testing results are immediately available in our SaaS platform as they're discovered. You can be confident that your results will never be shared or seen by anyone other than you, your team and your project manager.

    Sample Platform Security Scorcard

  • On-Demand Security Testing

    Test security and privacy as often as you want. Test end-to-end before a big launch, or focus on a specific component after a minor update. Applause puts expert security testers at your fingertips whenever you need them and on any device.

    Sample Platform Security Test Cycle Startup


What It Costs

Getting started with Applause is more affordable than you may think. Contact us to discover how Applause can help you test your security.

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"When you raise your business, there's a lot more eyes on it, some of them malicious. I don't think we realized exactly how vulnerable things were. We learned a lot from uTest."