The Crowdtesting Difference

Crowdsourced testing, or “crowdtesting,” refers to the art and science of outsourcing the quality assurance (QA) function for your website, mobile app or connected device to a community of testers outside of your company.

With crowdtesting, your products aren’t tested in a sterile lab environment. Instead, all testing is done “in the wild,” with real people on real devices, in the real locations where your customers live, work and play. The results you get are far more reflective of your users’ experience – or potential experience – than could possibly be replicated in-house.

What Can Crowdtesting Do For You?

Our hyper-connected world has caused a fundamental shift in the way users consume content, conduct commerce and connect with companies – and each other. Thanks to websites, app stores and social media, consumers now have a large and vocal voice in helping decide who succeeds, and who will fail. Users demand perfection, and the digital experience you create will make or break your business.

It all begins and ends with a quality website, mobile app or connected device that is designed and tested from the ground up to go beyond satisfaction and truly delight your customers.

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Testers Where You Need Them

Crowdtesting with a community of professional testers removes that guesswork and can give you the confidence that your website, mobile app or device is working the way you want and that your customers are delighted with the result. You get the benefit of global coverage with hyper-local testers - precision-picked to match any region, country or city you need. With Applause, you can test on just about any device, OS and browser combination available - anywhere in the world.

And the best part? It’s a fraction of the cost than it would be to similarly outfit a QA lab.

Tester Uses Device in Real-World Conditions

Scale and Coverage

Founded in 2007, crowd testing was developed by Applause as an alternative to traditional software testing. By recruiting a global team of more than 250,000 skilled, professional testers, Applause is able to provide customers with a scalable, unbiased team using just about every device/OS/browser combination available, all in pursuit of providing unmatched, real-world results to our customers.

We offer a broad range of testing services, beginning with functional testing and test case execution to make sure your application is functioning properly. We don’t stop there - we also recruit experts in highly-specialized areas including security, usability and accessibility to provide a full range of testing services to our customers, worldwide.

The Applause Crowd Testing Difference

Only Applause offers a fully managed crowdtesting service, providing expert project management and technical team leads to guide and execute your project from beginning to end. By accessing our global community of over 250,000+ professional testers, you can create the crowdtesting team you need to get the results you deserve – by technology, location, language fluency, age, gender, education, industry, hobby and more.

Since our founding, our goal has been to deliver unmatched in-the-wild testing, user feedback and research solutions to companies of all sizes, worldwide. Thousands of companies, including Google, FOX, Best Buy, BMW, Paypal and Runkeeper, rely on Applause to ensure great digital experiences for their customers.

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