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The mobile landscape grows more fragmented by the day, with new entrants on the smartphone market introducing exponential options for mobile users to choose from - and introducing complexity for mobile app developers and testers. With multiple versions of operating systems available just through iOS and Android, and tens of thousands of devices on the market, it is growing more difficult to make sure that your mobile app customers have a great experience under any circumstances.

With Applause, our global network of more than 250,000+ professional testers brings with them unmatched device coverage for our customers, with more than 2.4 million devices available to test your mobile app in any location, on any range of device and OS combinations you need.

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User Tests on Android Tablet

Android App Testing

No more than one-third of Android customers are running a single version of the operating system at any given point in time, making Android app testing an exercise in conquering device and OS fragmentation challenges. With access to more than 2.4 million devices in our global testing community, Applause helps thousands of Android app developers make sure they are delivering a great app experience, regardless of where it’s viewed.

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iOS App Testing

iPhones and iPads may share a common OS, but testing requirements vary greatly depending on the screen size, generation, OS version and processor speeds. For developers and testers who want to make sure their Apple iPhone or iPad app delivers a flawless digital experience on any device, the Applause testing community of 250,000+ worldwide testers offers nearly unlimited flexibility to create a custom, in-the-wild team to ensure your iOS app works perfectly in real-world situations.

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User Tests iPhones
User Tests Windows 10 Device

Windows 10 App Testing

Testing Windows 10 apps presents a unique challenge for developers looking to fulfill on the promise of Microsoft’s unified platform. The convergence of desktop and mobile technology support for a single app or application means that testing on a broad range of devices and locations is a top priority.

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Testing your mobile apps - on any device, in any location - is faster and more affordable than you may think. Find out how Applause in-the-wild testing services fit into your budget and save you money.

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"We have a mobile lab, but we don’t have every device and OS permutation. That’s when we can look at Applause and say, we got some customer feedback on this one really obscure device and we don’t happen to have it. Generally, 9 times out of 10, there is someone in the Applause community who does."

- Dave Arguelles,
Director of Consumer QA,