Testing Wearable Devices

Wearable technology is a rapidly evolving field, and as innovative new form factors hit the market, companies need to find ways to make their companion apps functional, usable and appealing across the spectrum of devices.

Whether you’re wondering how well your new wearable hardware connects and syncs in the wild or want to test your new apps on the latest form factors, Applause enables you to see how your wearable technology works in the real world, under real conditions you can’t otherwise test for in the lab.

What We Offer

Runner Checks Her Smart Watch

Real-World Testing

Wondering if your smart watch or fitness tracker works as well in rural areas as it does in the city? Or whether data accurately flows between the wearable device and its companion app or web portal at all times? With Applause, we can recruit exactly the demographics you need, arm them with your devices and get in-the-wild results in real time.

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Fully Managed Service

Every customer is assigned a project manager to help you throughout your engagement with Applause. Your project manager will provide support and guidance, aligning testing to your priorities to maximize the value you receive. Working with Applause includes full tester management, scope creation and pre-triaging of issues.

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Project Manager Briefs QA Team
Tester Tests Wearable Virtual Reality Set

Wearables Expertise

With the wearable tech market booming, the range of form factors expands constantly. Fitness trackers, wearable cameras, smart watches, GPS tracking devices or smart clothing - each form factor has its unique requirements and needs. With Applause, we can provide scenario-based testing derived from our experience throughout the IoT industry and help you deliver an excellent user experience to everyone, regardless of device or location.

What You Get


Real-Time Issue Reporting

When timing means revenue, getting the information you need to make important fixes and decisions is vital before you ship the next version of your wearable device or push a new update to the app. You can monitor issues as they are reported in real time, assessing their severity and potential risk to your business.


Seamless Workflow

Wearables testing services from Applause fits easily within your existing development lifecycle, including 2-way integration with JIRA and other bug tracking systems for easily tracking and managing issues. Applause can help you scope and execute test scenarios and logistics coordination, delivering real-world insights in real time.

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An Extension of Your Team

Our global community of testers is just the beginning. You will be matched with an Applause project manager to provide support and guidance throughout the process, and the ability to talk with your unique testing team in real time.

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Accelerate Go-To-Market

Applause helps brands accelerate go-to-market across all customer touchpoints. This results in reduced risk and an improved customer experience, all of which points to increased conversion and, more importantly, customer retention.

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Getting started with Applause is more affordable than you may think. Contact us to discover how Applause can help you test your wearable technology.

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“The complexity from a testing perspective is that we’re across all browsers, as well as all operating systems in different types of computers, so we can’t test all the different configurations of what we’re doing with the engineering team that we have. [It has been a great benefit] to be testing our development code as opposed to what is already out there in the world.”

- Ben Bates,
Head of Quality, Runkeeper

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