Ready, Test, Go. // Episode 12

Winning With A Bold Approach to UX

Battles for customers’ hearts and minds are won and lost in the user experience. As the web evolves, so does our experiences with it — and not always in exciting or engaging ways. Where’s the balance between a functional design that’s easy to understand and a bold design that captures the imagination?

Irene Pereyra, discusses concepts from her book, Universal Principles of UX: 100 Timeless Strategies to Create Positive Interactions between People and Technology, to shed light on how digital products can delight or frustrate users.

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On the Ready, Test, Go. podcast, brought to you by Applause, host David Carty and his expert guests will dive into all aspects of developing and testing quality digital experiences. Whether technical in nature or geared toward a particular industry, each episode explores the steps to launch five-star digital experiences.