Smart Homes Require Smart Testing

Go beyond what works to deliver intuitive experiences that your customers will love.

You’ve built it, but will they come?

Test smart home devices with real users to ensure quality

The smart home market is flush with smart devices for energy management, home entertainment and appliances, home security, comfort and lighting. According to Counterpoint Research, more than 6 billion Wi-Fi capable smart home devices are expected to be shipped between 2020 and 2025. The smart home market is projected to have double-digit growth over the next several years, and with that comes the need for both hardware and software testing to ensure quality. Deliver quality with Applause’s smart home testing solutions.

Can your customers install, setup and provision your smart home device easily?

You’ve built a great piece of hardware, but will the app stand up? Test your smart home devices and deliver. Users demand effortless digital experiences from both smart home devices and their companion apps. 33% of consumers experience issues setting up or operating a connected device. 22% of those consumers return these devices for a refund. Hence, it's critical for the device manufacturers to develop a comprehensive testing strategy for verifying functional performance, as well as real user perspective on application flow, ease of installation and setup, activation and customer service. Understand what your customers really want and deliver a user experience that your customers expect.

Customers who use Applause for testing their IoT devices reported a 25% reduction in product returns.

A Smart Home Built for Real People

Test your products with real people in the real world.

Device and App
Ensure coverage and reliability by testing across multiple devices, OS, smart home hubs, and locations
Personal data is at stake. Conduct security testing to uncover any data vulnerabilities and ensure that you’re compliant with industry standards
Save Dev Time
Rather than spending the time and resources building out a new team, use Applause’s arsenal of testers and test case writers for quick start, rapid results

Break out of the lab and into the real-life community

Geo-fencing and location services cannot be replicated in a lab setting

Define and assemble a team of real people testing in real conditions to ensure proper functionality and performance before new features and release updates.


Get scale and gather a high volume of data points for optimal AI performance. Test your AI for bias across a wide variety of user groups to ensure it works for everyone, everywhere. Validate voice experiences with real people, not machines, to deliver accurate and natural interactions with your smart devices.

Master Lock Case Study

See how Master Lock evolved its products in the digital age with Applause ensuring its IoT-enabled smart locks met customer expectations across the globe.
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