Generative AI Testing

Optimize the benefits of generative AI while ensuring accuracy and relevance.

Deliver cutting-edge generative AI experiences

Give your customers the relevant, hyper-personalized experiences they expect.

​Generative AI has sparked a paradigm shift in human-computer interaction. The ability to generate content with contextual awareness empowers companies to create lively, ultra-relevant experiences their customers will love. However, like all ground-breaking technologies, it is critical to consider the challenges posed by generative AI, and mitigate the potential risks associated with this powerful technology.

Ensuring accuracy and non-biased outputs are key to securing customer trust and adoption. Testing generative AI is a nuanced process that requires diverse perspectives to provide useful feedback which help the algorithm learn.

Rely on our AI experience

Applause has many years of experience managing AI data collection, conversational AI testing and user feedback, and most recently, managing large scale testing and feedback for generative AI applications. In fact, we’ve managed some of the largest large language models (LLM) and generative AI testing programs in the world.

We collaborate with you to develop a testing strategy that meets your unique project objectives.

  • Create the optimal testing team - drawing from our uTest community of more than 1 million testers worldwide, we provide insights from testers who represent your target user groups.
  • Develop project-specific testing plans - we create and execute effective, flexible testing frameworks designed to solve your specific generative AI testing needs.
  • Evaluate personalized recommendations - we help you to ensure that AI-generated recommendations are relevant, personal and aligned with individual user preferences.
  • Assess generated content - we assess the quality, uniqueness, and user engagement of the generative content, ensuring it meets your desired objectives.
  • Validate Natural Language Processing (NLP) - we validate the accuracy, coherence, and appropriateness of generative NLP models, ensuring they effectively interact with users and provide valuable insights.

Ensure content accuracy and appropriateness

Eliminate biased content, inaccurate responses and functional flaws prior to release.

Validation Testing to Ensure Functionality of Generative AI

Test Coverage: We conduct comprehensive validation testing to cover a wide range of scenarios and use cases relevant to the specific generative AI application. This includes testing various inputs, edge cases, and potential failure points to ensure the functionality and robustness of the model.

Performance Evaluation: We validate the performance of generative AI models by measuring their accuracy, speed, scalability, and responsiveness. Benchmarking against industry standards evaluates the model's ability to handle different workloads and real-time demands.

Bias Detection and Mitigation: Rigorous testing methodologies detect and mitigate biases within generative AI models. By leveraging its diverse global community of testers, Applause ensures that the generated content or recommendations are unbiased across demographics, cultures, and geographical regions.

Real-World Simulation: Applause conducts testing in real-world environments simulating user interactions, environmental conditions, and data inputs to ensure the model performs as intended under various realistic scenarios.

Continuous Testing and Monitoring: Ongoing validation testing and monitoring services ensure that generative AI models remain effective over time. This includes detecting any drift or degradation in performance and addressing potential issues proactively to maintain the intended functionality and accuracy of the models.

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