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The Dogfooding Days are Over

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Digital experience and quality are now the competitive differentiators brands rely upon. Our blog is your online resource for all things digital quality – with thought leadership on topics like crowdtesting, test automation, usability, and so much more.

Customer ordering pizza on smartphone.

What the Domino’s Case Means for Website Accessibility

Ask the right accessibility questions or find yourself in court

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A team of QA managers learning to work differently together.

Agile Transformation for Your QA Engineers: Learn to Work Differently

In the first article of this series which focuses on organizing your QA teams in an agile way, Jean-Pierre Lambert compa...

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Young woman using smart phone and credit card for shopping online

3 Tips to Avoid Omnichannel Disaster on Black Friday

Use real-life testing before the shopper stampede.

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QA teams working together in an agile mindset, in a company operating an agile transformation.

Agile Transformation: How You Can Organize Your QA Teams Accordingly

In VersionOne’s 13th Annual State of Agile Report, 97% of respondents said that their company practices some form of agi...

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Two customers grab their coffee for takeout at QSR.

Next-Gen QSR Bets Big on Mobile Quality

The next generation of QSR experiences demands a higher quality standard.

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Female agile tester is conducting a test cycle on her mobile device.

What the Mobile-Only Approach Means for Agile Testing

A couple of years ago big corporations started initiatives like mobile-first to transfer their web-only business to mobi...

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Eight hands holding mobile phones in a circle at a picnic table.

Mobile App Subscriptions Highlight Recent Growth

As downloads and revenue trend upward, so do app subscriptions.

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Man in a suit checking his online bank account on his smartphone.

Impact of Regulation on Customer Experience in European FinTech

FinTech is a booming industry and many new players are entering the market. But not knowing how to handle certain regula...

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Girl looking at smartphone

App Retention: 25% of Apps Are Only Used Once

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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Woman in white shirts holds phone in left hand and shopping bag in right hand.

How Voice Can Elevate Your Omnichannel Experience

Voice presents yet another engagement opportunity along the customer journey. See how you can make it count.

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The microphone icon overlaying the sound waves typically found during a smartphone voice search.

What Voice Search Means to the Future of Retail

SEO still reigns supreme, but voice adds a complex new wrinkle to the search landscape.

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Woman looking on her phone after shopping

CX as a Starting Point for Retailers & Their Digital Transformation

Why Customer Experience helps you as a Retailer to get started with your Digital Transformation

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Michelle Mullenax and Emerson Sklar discuss the American Red Cross's current and future state of voice.

Voice Stakes Claim as First-Class Citizen

While voice is still a developing medium, it has cemented its place in the future of digital.

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Rick Osmer and Jerry Anderson discuss the omnichannel experience on stage in front of large crowd.

The Future of Sports Depends on Omnichannel

Quality will determine the success of your omnichannel experience, so plan for it early.

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Man lying on couch with laptop on his legs finalizing purchase with credit card in right hand.

PSD2 Introduces New Payments Challenges

New payments legislation is coming to the EU, so make sure you're prepared for it.

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