Discover the latest trends, innovations, and achievements in voice and how crowd testing is impacting them.

Voice Technology is Set to Reshape Healthcare

The future of healthcare could be heard loud and clear at Voice.Health.

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How to Solve the Voice Assistant Accent Gap

Want to confuse your voice assistant? Have a bunch of Bostonites ask it questions.

Voice: Building is Easy, Testing is Hard

Testing remains one of the major bottlenecks in creating successful voice apps. It’s a big reason there are more than 90...

10 Years Later: Predicting the Next Generation of the App Store

Alexa: What is the history of the App Store?

Your Smart Home Of The Future Will Be Controlled By Voice

“Alexa, turn off the lights, turn up the heat and read me a story.”

Defining The Four Phases Of Digital Experience

What if you knew exactly what your customers wanted, exactly when they wanted it?

How Language Led To The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

“Well, we kind of have 10-times more computation …”

The Future Of Voice Will Be Contextual Conversations And Interactive Experiences

It’s not about the technology, it’s about user experience and design

The Battle Between Google Home And Amazon’s Alexa Just Got Real

Google Home will ramp up the battle for control of the voice-activated device market.

Amazon Opens Up Alexa’s Conversational AI To Developers

Amazon Lex will take the heavy lifting out of conversational interfaces.

Why Traditional Digital Metrics May Not Apply To Voice Apps

“Alexa … find me a skill that I need.”