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What do Spanish Customers Expect from Digital Banking Products?

For the Spanish banking sector, tackling digital challenges quickly and successfully is of vital importance given the growing adoption rate of digital media as a means of access to banking services, and the increasing competition from the fintech sector.

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Open Banking: How Third Parties Can Benefit of a new EU Financial Regulatory

Raise your hand if you have heard this before in Europe.

Retail Banks Will Spend 40% Of Their Technology Dollars On Digital Transformation

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5 Areas That Banks Must Address To Embrace Digital Transformation

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How Building Digital Channels Improves Customer Experience For Retail Banks

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Commerce In Bots Has Become Just Another Part Of The Stack

“I think any new use case and experience, it takes time to see what makes sense of that interface.”

How Visa Will Use The Internet Of Things To Help Displace Cash

How tokenization and gadgets come together to make transactions.

Security Testing Should Be The Highest Priority For The Internet Of Things

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People Are Spending Almost Five Hours Per Day On Their Phones

“Communitainment” has taken over our mobile lives.

Mobile Data Traffic Will Grow Seven Times By 2021

Mobile is the past, present and future.

The Economic Efficiency Of Small Batch Software Testing

Yiddish proverb: A fool should not be shown an unfinished job.

Enterprises Are Struggling To Take Advantage Of Customer-Facing Analytics

“We have access to all this data, why not give our customers access to these analytics as well?”

Even Your Pet Deserves A Terrific Digital Experience

“We listen to our customers and figure out what they want to see.”

How To Understand The Biggest Problems Facing Retailers In 2017

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61% Of People Access Mobile Banking On A Regular Basis

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72% Of Americans Want To Speak To Their Smart Homes

Smart home control is easier when you speak out loud.