It’s All or Nothing on Agile

Jay SeligJay Selig
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Without a real commitment to Agile, you will never mature.

Chances are you have heard the old adage, slow and steady wins the race. Unfortunately, that does not apply to the world of software development. Truth be told, neither does lightning fast and careless. However, more often than not, you can’t find a middle ground. In fact, only 40% of organizations are confident in their ability to deliver quality software at a rapid cadence, while the remaining 60% are forced to compromise one for the other, according to CA Technologies.

Here’s the rub, though. It’s 2019 and, while the concept of Agile development has largely caught on, the majority of organizations are struggling to mature their practices to an optimal level. What’s your excuse?

Stop Playing Catch-Up in Agile Development
Organizations are turning to Agile in droves, but are struggling to mature their practices.

By now, you are well aware of the benefits to employing Agile and the consequences of failing to do so. So what’s your next move?

Per Freeform Dynamics, 72% of organizations feel that a major shift in mindset and culture is required for continuous testing to be successful. There is no doubt about that, and while it doesn’t happen overnight, this transition cannot be drawn out. Like in so many other cases, testing or not, the biggest hurdle to imparting meaningful change is a full commitment to it. By jumping straight into the deep end, you not only put yourself on the right path towards Agile, but help accelerate your movement along it.

We get it, implementing sound Agile practices is no picnic. However, with the right strategic testing partner, you can make huge strides toward maturing your Agile development practice.

To learn more about maturing your Agile practices, stay tuned for our upcoming mini-series, “Let Me See You Agile.”

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