Applause Takes Gold for Company, New Product at American Business Awards

Last week, the American Business Awards announced the winners of their bronze, silver and gold honors. Applause received two gold awards – one for Company of the Year, and another for Best New Product of the Year for the Applause AI Training & Testing solution.

The American Business Awards are the nation’s premier business awards program. More than 3,600 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted this year for consideration. And over 230 professionals worldwide participated in the judging process to select this year’s Stevie Award winners.

“Despite the toughest business conditions in memory, American organizations continue to demonstrate their commitment to innovation, creativity and bottom-line results,” said Stevie Awards president Maggie Gallagher. “This year’s Stevie-winning nominations are full of inspiring stories of persistence, ingenuity, resourcefulness and compassion. We celebrate all of their stories and look forward to showcasing them during our virtual awards ceremony on August 5.”

Company of the Year

If the achievements at Applause over the past year could be summed up in one word, it would be ‘innovation.’

In October 2019, we launched Applause Labs – an innovation engine dedicated to rapidly sourcing and prototyping new testing concepts. As the largest team in the industry that is solely dedicated to quality and testing, Applause Labs enables us to bring new offerings to market faster than ever before.

Already, we’ve launched two offerings out of Applause Labs. The first was the Applause Quality Score™ (AQS™), which is the industry’s first and only quality benchmarking tool built for the enterprise. It provides clients with a calculated range (from 0-100) to help them understand the level of quality they are achieving over time and make a data-driven decision for when to release a build to customers.

The second offering to roll out of Applause Labs was the Applause Accessibility Tool, which launched in early 2020. The Applause Accessibility Tool, available for free download, integrates seamlessly into the web development process and helps developers identify and resolve a subset of key accessibility issues almost immediately by providing an automated fix or recommendation to resolve each issue. This reduces the time and resources associated with fixing issues discovered later in the development process.

The innovations from Applause Labs impressed the judges and helped Applause achieve gold in the Company of the Year category.

"The ability to thoroughly test and have the ability to review any shortcomings before a major software release are paramount. In that regard, having a single score to determine readiness (Applause Quality Score) is very helpful. Good innovations coming out of Applause Labs."

American Business Awards Judge

Best New Product

The Applause AI Training & Testing solution took home gold as the best new product in the artificial intelligence and machine learning category. In addition, Applause’s AI solution is also up for a People’s Choice Stevie Award, which is decided through a public voting process. You can vote for the solution as the People’s Choice Best New Product here an unlimited number of times up until the cutoff date of July 15.

The Applause AI Training & Testing solution leverages our global community to train AI algorithms and then test the resulting outputs to ensure that the systems respond appropriately and don’t have elements of bias included. The Applause Community can quickly deliver any data set required to train an AI algorithm, including text, images, speech, handwriting, documents, intents and biometrics.

This solution enables organizations to build well-trained AI algorithms that will properly respond to customers’ needs, as well as avoid problems with AI bias.

Judges lauded Applause’s ability to offer transformative solutions like AI Training & Testing to help organizations make better decisions and get to market faster.

"Applause’s crowdtesting is a transformative solution as software is the core of all corporations. Testing applications with the right volume of data, devices, demographics and knowledge is a huge challenge for companies. A one-stop solution is a win-win strategy for organizations in shortening the cycle time to get to market."

American Business Awards Judge

Vote for Applause AI Training & Testing in the People’s Choice Awards!

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