Dan Haggerty


Dan is Applause’s content and social marketing manager. Dan joined the Applause team in June 2017 after content roles at SimpliVity and Version 2.0 Communications.


QA Lounge

Apple App Store Prioritizing Quality Over Quantity

App growth declined on the Apple App Store for the first time. Could this be a case of addition by subtraction?

QA Lounge

Voice: Building is Easy, Testing is Hard

Testing remains one of the major bottlenecks in creating successful voice apps. It’s a big reason there are more than 900 Alexa skills averaging a one-star rating.

QA Lounge

Declare Your Independence From Working Weekends and Holidays

Take back your weekends and holidays as the United States celebrates its independence.

UX Corner

Bringing the Golden Rule of Retail into an Omnichannel World

Advances in technology and increasing demand for omnichannel experiences are forcing retailers to rethink their customer experience strategies.

Company Announcements

Forrester's Keys to Achieving Customer-Obsession with Agile and DevOps

At a time when consumer trust is low, brands should embrace Agile and DevOps to become customer obsessed.

Digital Trends

What Does “The New Normal” of Retail Look Like?

The advances in technology and a strong focus on omnichannel have created a new era in retail. These changes should be expected to continue as “The New Normal."

QA Lounge

The Evolution of Mobile Stops for No App

The unforgiving mobile landscape has an ‘app’etite for destruction.

Digital Trends

Retail Renaissance or Apocalypse? It's all a Matter of Perspective

Not every brand will survive the revolution occuring in retail ... regardless of what name these changes are given.

Digital Trends

4 Development Resolutions to Kick Off the New Year

Start your New Year off right by getting back to the basics of software development.

Company Announcements

Thankful for our Community and our Clients

Thanksgiving gives us time to reflect on what’s important. For Applause, we're thankful for our community and our clients.

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