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QA Lounge’s Keys to Achieving Quality at the Speed of Development used 5 testing keys to achieve agility and speed along with quality.

Digital Trends

How to Solve the Voice Assistant Accent Gap

The voice assistant accent gap is real. But there are steps companies can take to solve it.

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QA Lounge

Mobile Testing Techniques Every QA Person Must Know

We all know that software isn’t bug free and never will be. However, software testers should use a broad range of testing skills and techniques to find as many issue as possible.

QA Lounge

The Building Blocks for Successful Test Automation

With a test automation suite at your disposal, insurmountable tasks such as doubling the breadth of your code coverage, device coverage, and testing surface become tenable, cost-effective realities.

Company Announcements

Applause Announces First Round of Customer Speakers for DigitalXChange '18

Meet the latest round of DigitalXChange speakers from Fox, Roche, and Master Lock.

UX Corner

How Functional Testing Can Help Minimize Negative Reviews in the App Stores

After all, even negative user feedback for ongoing product development can turn out to be extremely valuable if you can draw logical conclusions from them.

Digital Trends

How to Successfully Transform your French Insurance Products Digitally

With the advent of insurance technology, the insurance industry in France is expected to experience the same paradigm shift as traditional banks.

Digital Trends

Is European Retail Ready to Adopt Modern Technologies?

European Retail companies tend to be hesitant when investing in technological innovation, making it all the more challenging to determine whether there is concrete demand for it.

QA Lounge

Apple App Store Prioritizing Quality Over Quantity

App growth declined on the Apple App Store for the first time. Could this be a case of addition by subtraction?

QA Lounge

How to Create a Mobile Testing Strategy in Three Steps

Because of mobile’s omnipresence and the fact that many daily situations rely on flawless app experiences, it is necessary to take the time to choose the proper mobile testing approach.

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