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Digital Trends

Beyond Banking on Demand: The Digital Demands of German Bank Customers

Inevitably, German banking institutions have to think about how and why they use branches – especially in conjunction with digital channels.

QA Lounge

Declare Your Independence From Working Weekends and Holidays

Take back your weekends and holidays as the United States celebrates its independence.

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Digital Trends

The ROI of Crowdtesting

With any change or investment, you need to know (or have an idea of) the benefits to making that decision. This can be tricky depending on the industry and product, but the ROI of crowdtesting is clearer than you think.

UX Corner

4 Communication Best Practices for Omnichannel and Digital UX

Part two of our omnichannel and digital UX series focuses on how best to communicate with customers.

Company Announcements

DigitalXChange '18 Call for Papers

The Call for Papers for DigitalXChange '18 is here. Send in your submissions today!

UX Corner

5 Engagement Best Practices for Omnichannel and Digital UX

Don't fall behind when it comes to user experience. Here are the top five things you need to know to build an omnichannel or digital experience your customers will love.

QA Lounge

Four Things Slowing Down Your Automation Practices

Test automation has hit a fever pitch recently—and for good reason. As companies build towards an agile testing environment, they are finding automation necessary to achieve the level of code coverage they desire (and need) to provide an optimal user experience.

Digital Trends

What traditional French banks can learn from the Fintechs

Find out what traditional banks can learn from the digital strategies put in place by Fintechs to improve their own products.

Company Announcements

DigitalXChange ‘18 Comes to Boston for Second Annual Event

DigitalXChange is the annual event that brings together the top minds in tech to share and learn about key topics impacting digital quality.

UX Corner

What Mobile Users Expect from Mobile Apps

The better a mobile app satisfies user expectations, the higher they set the bar. Therefore fulfilling mobile users’ expectations is an ongoing process.

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