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Digital Trends

Why Experimentation and Lean Startup are the Key to a Successful Product

The faster you learn, the faster you will achieve success with your product.

QA Lounge

How to Conquer Local Markets as a Digital Startup

Localization describes the process of making websites and apps available for the international market, but catering to the local user.

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Digital Trends

Open Banking: How Third Parties Can Benefit of a new EU Financial Regulatory

Due to the increase in competition, banks and FinTech startups have to create completely new products and approaches to existing problems.

Digital Trends

How Healthcare Can Change from Digital Laggard to Leader

With the technology available to patients and healthcare organizations alike, there is enormous potential to deliver on a new, frictionless healthcare experience.

QA Lounge

QA Beginner’s Guide: How to Group and Prioritize Mobile Test Devices

Keeping track of an ever-growing amount of mobile devices remains a crucial but tricky part of mobile testing.

Digital Trends

Why Mastering Mobile Check-In is Essential for Hotels

Hotel check-in can be quick and painless at times, but travelers want the guaranteed convenience of a frictionless experience. Mobile check-in is the gateway to that ideal experience.

Company Announcements

Applause Recognized for Commitment to Community

Applause’s active participation in United Way charity initiatives throughout 2017 earned it the Good Neighbor Award.

UX Corner

Bringing the Golden Rule of Retail into an Omnichannel World

Advances in technology and increasing demand for omnichannel experiences are forcing retailers to rethink their customer experience strategies.

Company Announcements

Forrester's Keys to Achieving Customer-Obsession with Agile and DevOps

At a time when consumer trust is low, brands should embrace Agile and DevOps to become customer obsessed.

QA Lounge

Testing on the Right Devices

One of the challenges each mobile development team has to solve is identifying the right devices to use for development and testing.

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