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Work from Home with uTest

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Digital experience and quality are now the competitive differentiators brands rely upon. Our blog is your online resource for all things digital quality – with thought leadership on topics like crowdtesting, test automation, usability, and so much more.

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How to Build a Test Strategy Around Automation

Your automation strategy should evolve based on product maturity level

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A young woman works on her laptop at home.

Remote Testing Enables Agile Development While Working From Home

Learn how Applause’s in-house QA team manages its remote testing practices

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Professional doctor in a smartphone giving a consultation online and checking a radiography, telemedicine and healthcare concept, blank copy space

Applause, Healthcare Organizations Team up to Fight COVID-19

Dignity Health and Banner Health show commitment to digital quality while battling coronavirus

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Enhance the Speed and Agility of your SDLC

How Applause Helps Ramp Up Development Velocity

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Applause Helps Israel Prevent COVID-19 Spread

Applause's testers uncover bugs before they reach users, helping ensure they know to self-isolate

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A team sitting in a meeting room, working on computers and listening to one woman presenting while using agile methods.

4 Steps to Ship Your Products Faster

How to Speed Up Development Processes

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A man uses his laptop computer while working remotely from home.

Our Commitment to our Customers Through COVID-19

Applause has the infrastructure and processes in place to continue to support customers during the global pandemic

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How Our Testers Become a Part of Your Team

Integrate the Applause Community to Strengthen Your QA.

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Adopting Automation is Essential for Growth

Why industry leaders are investing in automated testing.

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Applause and Infosys Partner to Provide End-to-End Digital Experience Testing

Joint solution is designed to help brands develop and maintain customer-centric experiences.

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Puppy eating from a food bowl.

The Dogfooding Days are Over

Why it’s time to move your QA strategy past dogfooding.

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A cheerful young adult man with cerebral palsy researches something on his laptop, using voice recognition to aid in his studies.

Why Accessibility is Critical — And How Applause Can Help

The new Applause Accessibility Tool helps you build accessibility into the beginning of your development process.

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Vote election badge button for 2020

How In-the-Wild Testing Could Have Prevented the Iowa Caucus Setback

More rigorous real-world testing could have revealed the app's critical errors

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Business professional leverages an AI algorithm to select his top candidate.

Quality AI Datasets and How to Use Them

Sourcing quality data is one thing, but knowing how to use it is the real challenge.

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Person looking at phone and at macbook pro coding an app

Continuous Deployment in Mobile App Development

What type of deployment is best for your organization?

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