Mobile App Testing

Applause connects you with professional testers around the globe who have access to the breadth and diversity of devices needed to perform comprehensive mobile app testing.

Challenges of Mobile App Testing Today

Today’s consumers have come to expect a seamless, high-quality app experience. A poor experience can result in a loss of users and also damage the reputation of your brand. Therefore, a comprehensive mobile app testing strategy is critical to the development process. Today's mobile app landscape is evolving at rapid speed creating many challenges for mobile app developers, including:

  • New Technologies: Today’s mobile apps need to work flawlessly with smart-connected cars and homes, voice interfaces, kiosks, and more.

  • Geo-Awareness and Localization: Your app experience must be relevant to global audiences.

  • Rapid Release Schedules: In today’s world of continuous integration and continuous development, it is difficult to perform comprehensive testing that doesn’t hold up your release schedule.

  • Personalization: Customers expect personalized communications when using your app.

  • Device Fragmentation: Not only do developers have to keep up with the latest devices, they need to ensure apps work on the newest OS version, plus several older versions that are likely still in use, as users are not always quick to update.

  • Unexpected Customer User Cases: Every user is unique and the experiences they have with your apps will be different, too.

Due to these challenges, testing in a lab environment is no longer an exhaustive strategy as it does not consider the many things that can go wrong when your apps are given to real people with real devices. That's where Applause crowdtesting can help.

Benefits of Mobile App Testing with Applause

As the world's leading crowdtesting provider, Applause gives you on-demand access to our global community of more than one million independent digital experts that test your apps in the same scenarios your users will experience them in. Applause testing offers the scale you need to ensure your apps perform as they should on all relevant devices in any environment.

Applause's solutions span the SDLC allowing mobile app developers to release faster, save money, and delight customers. Our all-in-one solution combines:

  • Functional Testing: Exploratory or structured testing to ensure your apps perform as expected on every device and in every situation.
  • Usability Testing: Create test groups that mirror your target audience and receive actionable feedback about the UI and design of your app to ensure customers have positive experience each time they open your app.
  • Localization Testing: Access testers and native speakers across the globe to verify all in-app content is translated accurately for local-markets.
  • Automation: Whether you are looking for a fully managed solution or just need help getting started on the right foot, Applause can help. We offer access to testers who are experienced in writing automated scripts with a variety of tools
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“Because they test our apps in the real world with real users, they help us make sure our customers are satisfied, no matter where they are.”