Testing The Internet Of Things

As sensors increasingly connect physical hardware with applications, new kinds of digital experiences are created through the Internet of Things. These experiences are about reporting and interacting with data in real time, allowing users to make quicker, more informed decisions, making quality of utmost importance.

With Applause, we can help you ensure your devices and their companion apps stand up to real-world situations and maintain their high level of quality, no matter what they’re put through, in any location, under any conditions.

User Controlling Her Smart Home from a Tablet

Smart Homes

These days, everything can be controlled from your smartphone - including refrigerators, security systems, thermostats and even the lock to your front door. With personal privacy and safety in the balance, it’s of the utmost importance that your smart home appliances and the companion apps that power them work flawlessly at all times.

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Wearable tech is expanding by the day, and provides ongoing, real-time data through fitness trackers, smart watches, wearable cameras, GPS navigators and smart clothing - new form factors enter the marketplace constantly. Understanding whether these devices work anywhere your users might be, and whether the flow of data is seamless and accurate, is of utmost importance.

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Smart Car User Interface

Smart Cars

Mobile apps are no longer limited only to the screen of your smartphone, and consumers are growing accustomed to seamless digital experiences across mobile, desktop and IoT environments - even on the road. As car manufacturers strive to incorporate “smart” technology and app integrations, even into our driving experiences, car manufacturers and app developers must think differently about how to create great digital experiences on the go, anywhere in the world.

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Getting started with Applause is more affordable than you may think. Learn how Applause can help you move out of the lab and into the wild to test your IoT products and companion apps.

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"Quality to me is delivering a product in a way that exceeds the customer’s expectations and Applause allows me to achieve that mission and helps us provide a product that’s more robust."

- Nick Offerman,
Design Assurance Manager, First Alert