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El Segundo, CA

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Internet Brands

"Just-In-Time" Software Testing

As a leading online media company, Internet Brands operates 150+ community and e-commerce websites, attracting more than 49 million unique visitors per month for a total of 800 million page views. After searching for a cost-effective way to increase testing coverage, Internet Brands discovered Applause, performed their due diligence, and signed up as a customer in early 2009.

Being an agile development shop – “Our average cycle is usually less than a week,” said QA Manager Allen Lin – Internet Brands needed the ability to locate testers in specific regions for assignments on extremely short notice. Since he oversees the QA process for all of the company’s sites, Allen also needed the ability to temporarily supplement in-house QA resources by allocating testing coverage to various projects. For those reasons, he said, Applause made perfect sense.

Speaking of cents, Allen was fully aware of controlling costs. So when he called on Applause to provide functional testing on new websites and major releases, he freed up the company’s in-house resources for test case creation, advanced testing tasks, and scripting for automated test tools. In fact, Allen has calculated that in less than 12 hours - and for the same cost - Applause can perform GUI testing that would take a single staff member an entire week. Suffice to say, Internet Brands continues to use Applause for what they call “just-in-time” software testing.

"We wanted the ability to test across browsers and platforms in a way that could save us time and money. With uTest (Applause), we were also able to test projects targeted towards specific regions and countries. We’ve been very pleased with the testing coverage uTest (Applause) has provided us."
-- Allen Lin, QA Manager, Internet Brands