Customer Journey Testing

Ensure quality and continuity across the end-to-end experience to help reduce customer abandonment.

Ensure Quality and Continuity Across Every Touchpoint

Increase conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Customer experiences are complex and require cross-functional alignment to meet end user expectations. Whether a customer is buying online and picking up in-store, managing a bank account digitally, using mobile hotel check-in or watching a movie across multiple screens, providing a smooth and intuitive end-to-end experience is critical. Poor customer experiences can result in frustration, lower conversion rates and loss of customer loyalty.

Leveraging our diverse, global community, Applause mobilizes in-market testers in your required locations who match your customer profiles. Testers replicate your end-to-end journeys in real-world conditions for a holistic view of your brand’s experience across all channels -- digital and/or physical. Our holistic testing approach allows you to identify friction across multiple dimensions that may be leading to customer abandonment.

Benefits of Applause Customer Journey Testing

Whether you’re launching a new omnichannel experience or looking to improve an existing one, Applause is uniquely positioned to identify both the digital and operational friction points that will impact your customer’s experience. Here’s how we can help.

Span the Entire Journey

Ensure every touchpoint in your customer journey works as expected and branding is consistent across all channels and user actions.

Testing with Target Demographics

Applause sources testers who match the profiles of your existing customers or new prospects so you get the most relevant feedback and insights.

Actionable Feedback & Insights

Identify friction across multiple dimensions: functional bugs, user experience feedback, operational readiness, payment experience and more.

Expert Guidance

A customer experience researcher will help craft insightful journeys and build survey questions to maximize the value of your results.

Actionable Feedback From an End User’s Perspective
At any time, on any device and in any location.

Applause provides the flexibility to test across any environment and location at scale. Our fully managed service is responsible for all aspects of testing, including providing best practices, executing testing to match your needs, and delivering curated and actionable results.

Testers are sourced to match your specific customer profiles and demographics to ensure the most relevant insights. Testers identify functional issues and respond to task-based survey questions to provide actionable feedback about their digital and on-site experiences, including wait times, signage, parking, employee knowledge and attitudes. You’ll receive results and feedback in a detailed report that highlights the types of friction occurring at each phase of the journey and recommendations for improvement.

Shake Shack Case Study
Learn how Shake Shack successfully launched its first mobile order-ahead experience by assessing and stress testing its app and in-store operations with Applause.
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Is Your End-To-End Experience Meeting Customer Demands?

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  • Reduce Risk and Launch Faster: Mobilize testers to stores before launching or expanding omnichannel services.