Customer Journey Testing

Deliver exceptional end-to-end experiences to drive conversion and customer loyalty.

See your customer’s journey through their eyes

Real people using real devices ensuring your experiences are frictionless in the real world.

Your customer journeys are non-linear and ever-changing. Customers might start on a mobile app, go to your website, receive email notifications, visit in-store kiosks, communicate directly with store clerks and leverage curbside pick-up. Today’s customers now expect all of those experiences to be smooth, intuitive, coherent and connected. If you can’t provide those things, your customers will get lost along the way — resulting in frustration, lower conversion rates and loss of customer loyalty.

With Applause’s Customer Journey Testing solution, you’ll receive real-world customer insights into your end-to-end journeys. Leveraging our global community, we’ll mobilize in-market testers in your required locations who match your customer profiles to replicate your end-to-end journeys in real-world conditions. This gives you a holistic view of your brand’s experience across all channels — digital and/or physical — to finally understand the factors leading to customer abandonment.

Your customers deserve the exceptional at every touchpoint

Applause is uniquely positioned to identify both the digital and physical friction points that will impact your customer experience.

Validate with Real People
Access real people at scale to conduct unique journeys anywhere in the world that match your demographics.
Span the Entire Journey
Deliver consistent and dependable experiences across both digital and physical touchpoints
Rely On Experts
Leverage best-in-class CX researchers to craft journeys and surveys that maximize insights for you.

Actionable Feedback, Made Easy for You

At any time, on any device and in any location.

Applause provides the flexibility to test across any environment and location at scale. Our fully managed solution is responsible for all aspects of testing, including providing best practices, executing testing to match your needs, and delivering curated and actionable results.

Here’s how our Customer Journey Testing solution works:

  • Testers are sourced to match your specific customer profiles and demographics to ensure the most relevant insights.

  • Testers execute an end-to-end journey, including digital and in-person activities.

  • Testers identify functional, payment, UX and operational readiness issues that occurred during their digital and on-site experiences, including email notifications, kiosk usability, wait times, signage, parking, employee knowledge and attitudes.

  • Our customer experience experts will deliver results and feedback in a detailed report that highlights the types of friction occurring at each phase of the journey and recommendations for improvement.

Shake Shack Case Study

Learn how Shake Shack successfully launched its first mobile order-ahead experience by assessing and stress testing its app and in-store operations with Applause.
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Is Your End-To-End Experience Meeting Customer Demands?

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