Bring Your Own Testers

Leverage Applause’s fully managed service and proven processes and platform for testing with your internal teams.

Leverage Internal Testing Teams Easily

Your internal teams — such as employees, friends, families and internal stakeholders — can act as an important tester group providing valuable feedback and insights about your products before they are in market. However, managing this process — sometimes called ‘dogfooding’ — in an effective and scalable manner can be time consuming and potentially overwhelming. It includes recruiting testers, administering testing, monitoring progress, answering questions and triaging results.

Applause’s Bring Your Own Testers feature enables organizations to leverage the power of internal testing programs without the project management and testing administration challenges that these projects come with. Bring Your Own Testers enables organizations to utilize Applause’s proven processes and SaaS platform with their internal testing teams.

With Bring Your Own Testers, organizations get all the benefits of that managed service, but with their own group of pre-selected testers as well as testing teams sourced from Applause’s global community. Applause manages the setup, test execution and optional delivery of triaged results using established processes. Issues can even be uploaded directly into an organization’s bug tracking system, helping development teams maintain a CI/CD workflow.

Holistic Testing Results with Minimal Effort

Applause has established processes, workflows and an overall infrastructure that enables organizations to receive impactful results quickly from proven testers. Here are the benefits of leveraging those processes for internal testing teams:

  • Access to Applause’s fully managed service: Engage with internal teams in a way that may otherwise be impossible. With Bring Your Own Testers, Applause’s team manages the setup, execution and delivery of results.
  • Expanded testing results and feedback: Bring Your Own Testers serves as a companion to Applause’s manual functional testing solution, where organizations receive testing results from testing teams sourced from Applause’s global community of expert QA testers. By getting results from internal teams and Applause’s community, organizations receive richer and more holistic testing results and feedback.
  • Seamless experience for clients’ internal teams: Internal testing teams are registered and onboarded through a simple, customer-branded experience -- so testing can begin quickly. Once testing begins, internal testers use the Applause Platform to easily access builds, report issues with all the relevant information, upload videos and provide valuable user feedback.