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Remote Testing Enables Agile Development While Working From Home

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Digital experience and quality are now the competitive differentiators brands rely upon. Our blog is your online resource for all things digital quality – with thought leadership on topics like crowdtesting, test automation, usability, and so much more.

Parking meter in Boston

Passport Perfects Mobile Payments With Crowdtesting On Location

Learn how Passport uses Applause to test mobile payment apps for parking, transit, citations and permits.

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Person on a sleep number bed

How 3 Smart Home Companies Define Digital Experience

“When was the last time that you thought about your bed?”

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Capital One

61% Of People Access Mobile Banking On A Regular Basis

“The adoption of mobile money continues to advance. In developed markets, mobile payments and banking are driving a revo...

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Shopping carts in a parking lot

5 Most Common Reasons Mobile Shoppers Abandon Their Shopping Carts

In the digital era, retailers know exactly how much revenue gets left on the shelf.

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People smiling looking at their phones

How Messaging Innovator SoChat Enables Agile Development With Crowdtesting

“We release several times within a week and move as quickly as possible, while at the same time delivering a high qualit...

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Digital Experience sign

Product Research Is The Most Important Aspect Of Digital Experience

“How do you define digital experience and how do you approach it?” Turns out, it’s not that easy.

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person paying by credit card at a bakery

78% Of People Have Made A Purchase Through A Smartphone

“If you neglect to offer services and products through the mobile channel, you will lose.”

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Person on stage with a smart home photo behind him

3 Challenges Facing The Implementation Of The Smart Home

A smart home gadget that cannot be set up in 20 minutes will be returned to the store.

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How The Digital Economy Has Raised Expectations For Personalized Experience

The future will be built on experiences.

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Amazon echo dot

Why Traditional Digital Metrics May Not Apply To Voice Apps

“Alexa … find me a skill that I need.”

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Assessing The Massive Security Vulnerability Of The Internet Of Things

“The DDoS genie is out of the bottle, and is unlikely to pop back in.”

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Man looking at his phone

A Customer Perspective Helps Breezeworks Better Serve Small Businesses

How software management company Breezeworks uses a crowdsourced functional testing model to make sure its clients conduc...

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Person using laptop

How Crowdsourced Functional Testing Helps Shutterfly Innovate Faster

“There is no way I’m going to invest in a mobile lab with all of the devices and all of the operating systems.” -Fred Be...

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Person with hearing aid using tablet

How Apps And Websites Can Make Sure They Comply With Accessibility Guidelines

Every person has a right to a high-quality digital experience.

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Amazon packages

Amazon Dash Buttons Represent The Height Of Seamless Shopping

Seamless: adjective, “smooth and continuous, with no apparent gaps or spaces between one part and the next.”

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