Voice Will Fuel the Future of Retail

Jay SeligJay Selig
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It’s not a matter of if voice will impact the retail landscape, but when. Plan accordingly.

No matter where you turn, change is lurking in the retail industry. We’ve seen ecommerce emerge as the epicenter of most retail strategies, and omnichannel plays become foundational to modern operations and the user experience. What we have yet to see is voice as an integral element to retail experiences. However, that time is not far off.

Though voice technology remains in its youthful stages, it projects to have a monumental impact on the future of retail. That is, of course, if organizations can clear the hurdles laid by the current consumer base.

Infographic showing the impact of the voice technology
Uncover the opportunity that lies ahead for voice in retail with this infographic.

The opportunity is clearly there for the taking, but are you ready to execute on a fully baked voice strategy? Creating a voice experience has gotten far easier, but that still leaves you to ensure quality.

Before you go too far down the path of no return, take a look at the elements that will make or break your voice experience in both the near and long term. In our upcoming series, we will break down the key components of a successful voice experience and how they will transform the future of retail.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Voice

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Voice


While success in voice may seem like a hit-or-miss venture, the opportunity is ready for the taking. Prepare for the challenges ahead by learning from both voice successes and failures.

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