Jonathan Blümel


Jonathan has been Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing Manager at Applause in Berlin since mid-2017 and is currently dealing with the challenges that companies across different industries from Germany, France and UK are facing in terms of testing, QA and agile product development.


Digital Trends

Beyond Banking on Demand: The Digital Demands of German Bank Customers

Inevitably, German banking institutions have to think about how and why they use branches – especially in conjunction with digital channels.

QA Lounge

How the E-Commerce Company Locamo Addresses Existing Challenges in Product Development

Especially from the QA perspective, the variety of different devices, systems and versions can be a real challenge.

QA Lounge

How to Conquer Local Markets as a Digital Startup

Localization describes the process of making websites and apps available for the international market, but catering to the local user.

QA Lounge

How Aperto Leverages Continuous Feedback to Provide a Better User Experience

In all its product development, Aperto focuses on the end user, not just the client.

UX Corner

How To Get Excellent Mobile App Ratings

Six simple tips to better app ratings.

QA Lounge

How To Plan Your App Release With The Mobile Release Train

Why you should use the mobile release train for your app release planning.

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