Drew Horn

Director, Automation Delivery

Since joining Applause in 2015, Drew has led the automation delivery practice. His primary focus is to grow an international community of engineers to deliver world-class automation solutions to Applause’s global customer base and solve testing needs with automation. Prior to joining Applause, Drew worked at Amherst Holdings and Trustwave in development and QA.


QA Lounge

The Building Blocks for Successful Test Automation

With a test automation suite at your disposal, insurmountable tasks such as doubling the breadth of your code coverage, device coverage, and testing surface become tenable, cost-effective realities.

QA Lounge

Steps to Maturing Test Automation within a Deployment Pipeline

Speed kills, but that holds true in a variety of ways when it comes to test automation. It is true that automation can significantly increase the speed at which you are testing and help you expand your code coverage. It is also true that by trying to automate too much (or the wrong things) too fast, you can set yourself back a long way.

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