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David Bolton

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Dave Bolton is a writer for Applause. Dave is a journalist and blogger who moved to Massachusetts from London in 2009. He has written local news for AOL, video gaming for Bostinno and was a Senior Tech Writer at Boston-based Brafton Media. His published work has focused on the digital world, with regular detours into political science and sports.


Digital Trends

Even With Slowing Growth, Time Spent In Apps Increased 69% In 2016

The apps economy continues to grow but mobile app usage is slowing down.

Digital Trends

Finally, There Are No More Android 2.2 Froyo Devices In The Wild

Marshmallow increases its share of Android distribution as Froyo succumbs to the inevitable.

Digital Trends

Amazon's Alexa Is Now The Ghost In The Machine

CES 2017 is a consumer electronics paradise ... especially for the Amazon Echo.

Digital Trends

2016 Was Another Record-Breaking Year For Apple's App Store

The App Store has hit the ground running in 2017.

Digital Trends

72% Of Americans Want To Speak To Their Smart Homes

Smart homes will be controlled with your voice in the near future.

What Are Digital Twins And Why Will They Be Integral To The Internet Of Things?

A digital twin is the virtual representation of a physical asset. And it has the potential to completely reshape how infrastructure works.

Digital Trends

Two-Thirds Of All Digital Time Is Now Spent On A Mobile Device

Mobile growth is slowing down but we are spending more than time on smartphone apps than anything else.

Digital Trends

Amazon’s Alexa Can Now Control Your Television

Alexa is branching out from the Amazon Echo and into your television set.

Digital Trends

You Can Now Try Amazon’s Alexa … Without Buying An Echo

The Amazon Echo has been the surprise hit of the virtual assistant market. Now you can ask Alexa anything through your web browser.

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