David Bolton

ARC Writer

Dave Bolton is a writer for Applause. Dave is a journalist and blogger who moved to Massachusetts from London in 2009. He has written local news for AOL, video gaming for Bostinno and was a Senior Tech Writer at Boston-based Brafton Media. His published work has focused on the digital world, with regular detours into political science and sports.


QA Lounge

Google Updates Play Store Algorithms To Reward App Quality

Developers who rush a product to market may suffer from Google Play's new app quality guidelines.

QA Lounge

How Crowdtesting Helps VersaMe Turn Parents Into Teachers

Teaching your child to understand words is part of being a parent. One more reason why crowdtesting the learning tools required is equally important.

Digital Trends

Why The Concept Of Peak App Is Just An Urban Legend

The apps economy is a runaway juggernaut that refuses to bow to the idea of peak app.

Digital Trends

How Generation Z Will Shape Our Media Consumption Habits

Generation Z may be the newest members of the connected society, but brands should pay attention to their media consumption habits.

Digital Trends

65% Of People Will Install At Least One New App Per Month

Total time in apps will exceed 3.5 trillion hours by 2021. And if that holds true, app engagement becomes even more vital.

Digital Trends

Only 26% Of Companies Consider Recent Internet Of Things Projects Successful

Investment into an Internet of Things initiative is the easy bit. The hard part is to make sure that that the money is well spent.

UX Corner

Personalization Is More Than Just A Buzzword, It’s A Business Model

A seamless customer experience should be at the forefront of business strategy. Personalization can make this happen.

Digital Trends

The Apps Economy Will Be Worth $6.3 Trillion By 2021

App monetization and revenue will part of a multi-trillion dollar industry within four years.

QA Lounge

Why Harry's Turned To Crowdtesting To Enhance The Shaving Experience

A seamless customer experience should be at the top of every list. Crowdtesting can make sure that every pain-point is identified before bad things happen.

UX Corner

Why Companies Need To Be Aware Of The “Experience Revolution”

Companies that don't pay attention of the customer experience will be the victims of the revolution.

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