Applause Wins 4 International Awards for Business and Product Excellence

Applause Wins 4 International Awards for Business and Product Excellence

Applause was named the winner of three Stevie Awards – one gold and two bronze – in the 18th annual International Business Awards (IBAs). In addition, the company won silver at the Best in Biz International Awards.

The IBAs are the world’s premier business awards program. The 2021 IBAs received entries from organizations in 63 nations and territories. More than 3,700 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted this year.

Company of the Year

The world’s leading digital enterprises – companies like Google, Airbnb and Uber – turn to Applause to help them launch exceptional experiences that their end users will love. With curated teams of digital experts available on demand across the globe, clients continually highlight Applause’s ability to deliver quality results, improve their test coverage and help them get to market faster. These key benefits alongside a full breadth of digital quality offerings have not only made Applause a best practice for the world’s top brands, but also helped Applause once again be recognized by the judges at the International Business Awards.

In a year where the company unveiled the Product Excellence Platform, along with new products and offerings, judges were impressed by Applause’s ability to improve its core offerings while making new investments and announcements in 2021.

“Quality teams are important to any organization and product. Applause has a unique way of delivering digital quality through its Product Excellence Platform and with innovative products such Applause Codeless Automation and Applause In-Sprint Testing.”

– International Business Awards Judge

Applause is also up for a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Companies as part of the IBAs. The award is decided through a public vote, which is open until October 1. You can vote for Applause here.

Product Excellence Platform

The Applause Product Excellence Platform (PEP) was also honored with a bronze award at the 2021 IBAs. In a time when exceptional digital experiences are table stakes and absolutely critical, the Product Excellence Platform has become the standard for the world’s most innovative and customer-obsessed brands.

“Businesses of all types need crowdtesting and honest assessments of their product/service quality. Glad to see Applause doing a wonderful job in this arena. The singular focus on digital excellence will be a key asset for Applause going forward. It’s interesting to see how they have built a human-assisted solution to solve a classic problem facing companies.”

– International Business Awards Judge

Applause Codeless Automation

Applause’s newest product offering is already being recognized as a leader in the low-code/no-code testing space. Earlier this year, Toolbox named Applause Codeless Automation (ACA) one of its six best codeless test automation tools on the market.

Now, ACA has picked up a few more accolades, winning gold at the IBAs in the Best DevOps Solution category and silver at the Best in Biz International Awards in the category of Most Innovative Enterprise Product.

In particular, the awards judges highlighted the technology behind ACA and its ability to help clients get exceptional digital experiences to market faster and without the costs that are often associated with traditional test automation.

“Great DevOps solution Applause has built to address testing needs throughout organizations, with the power to not only reduce the costs typically associated with automation, but it will also help brands get to full-fledged automation capabilities faster.”

– International Business Awards Judge

Vote for Applause in the People’s Choice Awards!

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