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Building a Test Plan for Generative AI Applications

Explore highlights from a recent webinar on generative AI use cases and best practices for testing these applications.

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Airline apps can alleviate stress for travelers — or do exactly the opposite

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Podcast guests chime in on oft-seen QA blunders

Achieve Digital Quality in Travel & Hospitality

Key digital quality issues, insights and recommendations in the travel and hospitality sector

Keeping Up With Content, Ad Delivery Trends

As the streaming media space matures and evolves, brands must be nimble to stay ahead

3 Considerations for Payment Testing in the Digital Age

If you’re accepting digital payments, you need to test these aspects of the payment process

Software Testing FAQs: What It Is, Why It Matters and How It’s Done

Get to know different testing types, how to develop a software testing plan and how to measure your plan’s effectiveness

Use a Test Case Management Tool Made for the Job

Test case management collaboration with a trusted partner gives dev organizations the upper hand

How to Work Productively Within a Development Team

Testers can follow this advice to manage disagreements

Put Digital Quality Center Stage in Media and Telco

Key digital quality considerations for media and telecommunications brands

What Will the Future of Digital Experiences Look Like?

Experts make their predictions on the next five years of digital customer experiences

DevOps May Encourage Speed, But Don’t Neglect Quality

Rethink DevOps practices to prioritise quality and stability as well as release velocity