Access Real-World Testing Directly From a CI/CD Pipeline

The most valuable resource for application development teams isn’t talent or tools — it’s time. Nearly 50% of developers struggle to find time for new projects, according to a recent survey from Mendix.

Manual testing can be a blocker for development velocity and create inefficiencies. To break up that bottleneck, leveraging an efficient and automated process to generate quality manual testing results can speed up daily routines and enable talented engineers and QA professionals to focus on more impactful and innovative tasks.

That’s why we’re introducing the Applause APIs, which bring the power of real-world testing to the fingertips of engineers and QA pros — and enable them to automate their manual testing workflows.

The Applause APIs bring the power of real-world testing to the fingertips of engineers and QA pros — and enable them to automate their manual testing workflows.

What are a few benefits of the Applause APIs? They will:

  • Enable ease of access to curated QA professionals sourced from Applause’s global community
  • Give organizations additional control in generating test results
  • Speed up testing processes
  • Increase the percentage of automated tasks within your workflow
  • Decrease the potential for manual error

With this new feature, Applause is taking something it already does that fast-moving organizations love and rely on — delivering quality testing results that cover all regions and devices quickly — and making it easier than ever to access. The Applause APIs represent a bold step for organizations who need manual testing from in-market, real-world testers around the globe, and need it fast.

What can the Applause APIs do?

The Applause APIs seamlessly integrate with an existing CI/CD pipeline and systems, and enable teams to reduce the number of manual tasks and focus on automating as much of their pipeline as possible.

Here are a few of the benefits:

Add new builds automatically

Testing build-over-build gives organizations continuous insights into quality as development progresses, and enables them to address bugs and respond to feedback even as they are developing. By identifying bugs earlier in the SDLC, they are less costly to address in the long run.

The Applause APIs automate the process of sending new builds for testing. Teams can securely send their builds from their CI/CD pipelines directly to the Applause Platform for testing, and easily describe the needed scope, platforms and geography for testing. Ultimately, this helps fast-moving development teams increase the percentage of automated tasks and streamline their development, testing and deployment flows.

Create and manage test cycles

Applause uses test cycles to engage a testing team sourced from the community for manual functional testing. Until now, organizations created their test cycles by leveraging the Applause Platform or reaching out to Applause’s team. With the Applause APIs, organizations can initiate a test cycle without leaving their CI pipeline.

With the Applause APIs, organizations can initiate a test cycle without leaving their CI pipeline.

Why is this advantageous? Creating test cycles is often a repetitive process — by leveraging the Applause APIs, teams can save time and realize efficiencies, and reduce the chance for manual errors. Teams often run similar test cycles with near-identical instructions on a regular basis, sometimes even daily, such as to test build-over-build, in a new region or on a similar device. The Applause APIs automate this process, while still giving teams the ability to add additional instructions, images, NDAs and other useful information for testers.

View testing results in real time

Finally, the Applause APIs give organizations additional visibility into their test cases as they’re being tested, providing customers with peace of mind that testing is being conducted promptly and properly.

For organizations that leverage their own dashboard to view test cases and bugs, the Applause APIs bring Applause’s results into their environment and provide a more holistic view of testing. As the test cycle progresses, you can query and receive up-to-date results on the number of completed test cases and reported bugs.

How to get started with Applause APIs

If you’re already working with Applause, ask your delivery manager how to best integrate the Applause APIs into your specific ecosystem. Applause can help identify which elements of the Applause APIs are best for your needs. We can work with your engineers to ensure that the APIs are integrated properly

If you are not currently working with Applause, and want to know more about the Applause APIs, reach out here and someone will be in touch to discuss how it works in more detail.

And stay tuned for more details as we are constantly looking to add new functionalities to the Applause APIs and launch new features that are designed to deliver faster and stronger testing results for you.


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