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Mobile Usability

Mobile operating systems have evolved by leaps and bounds since their inception. Has your app kept up? With each new release, Apple, Google, Microsoft and other mobile players bring more features and interface changes to their respective operating systems. With each change, your app needs to remain easy to navigate and intuitive to use. If your app is too complicated or feels outdated, users will move on to an app that has mastered modern mobile usability. Applause knows that keeping up with the changes and implementing them effectively can be challenging, that’s why we have a team of Usability Experts to help you along the way.

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Learn how to develop, test and launch user-friendly apps.


Mobile Usability Services

From expert audits to expert-run surveys that tap into the depth of the Applause community, Applause offers mobile usability testing to fit a variety of needs. With a mobile usability study, you can learn if your users find your tablet app’s interface as intuitive as your phone app or if you’re going to run into issues instituting the newest animations. You can figure out where users are getting tripped up and why, or if you’re using the wrong color for your call-to-action buttons.

From wireframe to published app, let Applause help you hone your mobile usability experience to delight your users. Talk to a testing coach today to learn about mobile usability solutions that fit your needs.

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Mobile usability testing is more affordable than you might think. Find out how Applause can fit into your budget with our interactive pricing tools.

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