Working with Applause

By handling all aspects of test management and community interaction, Applause delivers maximum value to your team while adding virtually no overhead. With our comprehensive and fully managed approach, we integrate completely into your existing resources, processes and technologies, becoming an extension of your internal team.

Flexible, Scalable, Reliable

Attain Exceptional Digital Quality With an Open Platform and Expert Teams

The Applause Product Excellence Platform™ is built on an open and enterprise-grade SaaS infrastructure. This enables us to integrate directly into your SDLC and Agile and DevOps workflows so that you can stay on track with deadlines and release exceptional digital assets quickly and efficiently.

Our approach to digital quality is inherently flexible and scalable – testers can be mobilized in minutes anywhere across the globe and on any device – so you can always match the demand for testing. Our 24/7/365 model means that you can kick off a test cycle on Friday afternoon and get results almost immediately – so your team doesn’t have to work nights or weekends.

Applause Solution Delivery Managers act as your digital quality consultants throughout the entire process, from onboarding and test set-up to measuring and reporting on outcomes. Your dedicated Solution Delivery Manager and curated team of digital experts have deep domain knowledge in your industry, use case and products, and can recommend best practices and methodologies to make your testing processes more efficient, cost-effective and streamlined.

A Fully Managed Approach to Augment Internal Capabilities

Dedicated Digital Experts and Curated Teams Can Manage All Aspects of Testing

When you work with Applause, you get a dedicated team that is committed to developing a deep understanding of your SDLC and becoming an extension of your internal team – always only a phone call, email or Slack message away. This tight integration ensures you get the most out of your partnership.

Your Applause team is managed by a dedicated Solution Delivery Manager, who is your primary point of contact. Your Solution Delivery Manager provides consultative planning and support, as well as access to other subject matter experts within Applause. From advising on digital quality best practices, to managing minute details of the testing process, the entire Applause team is there to give you the expertise and support you need.

Manage Testing Your Way

The Flexibility To Leverage Applause How You See Fit

While we offer fully managed services, we can also take a hands-off approach, if you prefer to manage the entire process or aspects of it by yourself. We provide the necessary tools, chat features and full access to our community and SaaS infrastructure to set you up for success.

Our SaaS infrastructure and management tools are all user friendly, such that you can easily manage any aspect of your relationship with Applause as you see fit. And our internal experts and Solution Delivery Managers are always available to provide any help you need along the way.

We also deliver our SaaS Bring Your Own Testers (BYOT) product so you can manage your internal testing resources – including employees, existing customers, friends and family – and manage all testing and results within our enterprise-grade technology platform.