The Applause Difference

What we test

Consumers expect the same great software experience no matter where and how it’s accessed. Only crowdsourced testing can provide the coverage and scale needed to validate any digital experience, on any type of device, anywhere.

Testing Today’s and Tomorrow’s Experiences

Powered by a trusted community of vetted professionals

Sure, mobile changed the game, but it was only the start of the revolution. Today’s consumers can interact with their favorite brands on a countless number of connected devices, including phones, smart speakers, in-car infotainment systems, and more. Add global variation into the mix and the idea of delivering a consistently great experience is even more daunting.

Backed by a global community of vetted and diverse digital experts, Applause provides instant access to both bleeding edge and legacy hardware and operating systems. And because these are personally-owned devices, the list continues to grow as the market evolves. From mobile and voice assistants to smart TVs and cars, we’ve got you covered.