Voice Testing

As an emerging and complex technology, voice brings increased challenges for testing and feedback. Applause helps tackle these challenges by testing your apps and devices with native speakers and real devices around the world.

The Global Leader in Voice Testing

Helping you tackle the complex and connected nature of voice.

Voice adoption is increasing at a rate never seen before and is changing the way consumers interact with software. Today, there are more than one billion devices with access to a voice assistant. From smartphones and smart speakers to appliances and cars, voice is becoming ubiquitous across all devices.

The connected nature of voice creates an infinite number of variables and user inputs—languages, emotional states, background noise—all of which impact the success of a voice interaction. Traditional testing methods are text based and therefore, not designed to test the wide range of voice inputs.

Applause solves these challenges by testing voice experiences from the end user's perspective. Whether you are launching a voice app or a voice-enabled device, we allow you to test with native speakers on any device around the world. Voice testing with Applause combines functional testing, dialogue verification, usability testing, and payment testing to help companies deliver voice experiences that foster ongoing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Benefits of Voice Testing with Applause

Applause offers a comprehensive solution, built from best practices by Amazon and Google, that helps tackle the complexities of delivering a successful voice-forward experience.


Secure and directed testing by in-market vetted testers under real world conditions.

Real Voices

Test with native language speakers across the globe to validate utterances and dialogues.

Unlimited Coverage

Test on any connected device around the globe at scale.

Rapid Results

Real-time results that include logs, reproduction steps, and audio/video files.

Voice Services We Test

As the global leader in voice testing, Applause offers custom solutions to test a variety of use cases across the voice landscape. Learn more about our specific testing and feedback solutions for Amazon and Google.

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Leading brands rely on Applause to test the quality, functionality, and usability of their Alexa skills and AVS-enabled devices, and ensure they deliver voice experiences that meet rising customer expectations.

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Leveraging a trusted community of vetted software testers, Applause enables companies to test their Google Actions and Google Assistant-enabled devices from the end user's perspective.

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Bespoken Whitepaper
Voice is emerging as the next frontier in the hyper-dynamic world of digital. By 2023, 90% of all smartphones will have access to voice-enabled virtual assistants. Given the high stakes, quality of voice is critical. In this whitepaper, Applause and Bespoken, highlight best practices for testing voice and the key strategies you need to succeed with voice.
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