Voice & Artificial Intelligence Testing

Tackle the complex nature of voice testing at scale with Applause's leading crowdtesting solutions.

Voice Technology & AI Brings Increased Testing Challenges

Voice is becoming the new mobile as customer adoption and usage is rapidly outpacing original expectations. Companies and industries are moving beyond just having a presence in voice and are building skills that can be monetized and serve as a competitive differentiator for customer experience. Voice presents a huge opportunity for brands to further engage with their customer and potentially tap into new revenue streams. However, as a new and complex technology, companies are navigating how to best engage with customers without negative impacts to the brand experience.

Common challenges for testing voice technology include:

  • Standard Testing is Text Based: Existing tools and methodologies are designed to test visual components and are ill-equipped to test voice inputs
  • Voice Recognition Testing: Testing with a wide range of variables like background noise and different dialects
  • Usability of Voice: Understanding the different phrases that users will speak to invoke the same intent as they will vary from user to user
  • Scaling to the Required Volume of Test Cases: It’s impossible to cover all the required user scenarios and required devices with traditional testing methods

Benefits of Voice & AI Testing with Applause

Applause, a leader in voice testing, provides the only approach for developers tackling the challenges of voice testing at scale. Leveraging our global community of more than one million digital experts, Applause provides the diversity, connectivity and scale required to meet the new demands of testing voice.

Benefits of the Applause solution for Voice and AI include:

  • Proven Experience and Results: Trusted by market leaders with established methodologies for voice testing using our global uTest community

  • In-the-Wild Testing: Measure real world user experience for Voice apps – in home, in the office, or embedded in other devices

  • Real Voices: Validate utterances and dialogs accounting for different languages, dialects, genders, and age groups

  • Unlimited Device Coverage: Access to 2.4 million real devices, including thousands of voice enabled devices

  • Multimodality: Ability to test across multiple UIs to ensure an engaging customer experience

Applause offers a cohesive approach to voice testing and feedback comprised of dialog verification, functional testing and exploratory testing.

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