User Experience Testing

Go beyond what works to deliver intuitive experiences that your customers will love.

UX that behaves like your customers do

Improve engagement, conversion and satisfaction.

Even if your application functions flawlessly as intended, customers will not return unless the experience is intuitive and easy to use. How do you provide that? It starts by gaining an in-depth understanding of what your customers prefer and how they behave, at every micro-experience. Applause provides you with the real human insights you need to make customer-centric decisions about your products and services.

Leveraging its diverse, global community, Applause sources participants who match your specific customer profiles from anywhere in the world and can deliver the most relevant feedback. With experienced UX researchers analyzing the results as part of a fully managed solution, you will receive curated user insights and expert recommendations that will improve your UX and increase customer loyalty.

5-Star Ratings Require a 5-Star User Experience

Applause’s human-based approach goes beyond the “what” to uncover the “why,” helping you make customer-centric decisions.

Target Defined Participants
Access to participants who match your specific customer profiles.
Gain Unparalleled insights
Gain actionable insight from participants in any geo/location, testing on multiple devices and operating systems.
Secure Unmatched Expertise
Each study is led by a qualified UX researcher with deep industry knowledge.

Customized Offerings for Your Unique Needs

Expert design, execution and recommendations.

As part of a fully managed solution, Applause finds and sources participants who match your target demographics, then executes studies that fit your objectives. Our teams will provide curated user insights and actionable, impactful recommendations. Our offerings consist of:

Multiple Study Types: Receive iterative feedback on new features or deep analysis on complex flows to see where they excel and where you can improve.

Script Creation and Execution: A UX researcher will work with your team to create an effective script that gathers the insights you are looking for.

Detailed Findings and Recommendations: Receive an actionable report that includes detailed findings, a results summary, benchmarking and expert recommendations on how to improve the user experience.

Dow Jones Case Study

Discover how Dow Jones partners with Applause to uncover critical bugs, increase release velocity and provide an improved customer experience.
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