Transaction Validation

Minimize checkout abandonment and personalize the checkout experience for every target customer.

Validate Transactions with Real Cards in the Real World

Achieving high conversion rates and delivering high quality solutions to consumers requires a checkout process that’s fast, frictionless, and secure. Consumers expect purchases to work successfully every time. Applause payment transaction validation helps you research and test payment instrument systems across the globe and across devices to create frictionless checkout experiences.

With Applause, testers conduct real transactions with personally-owned payment instruments to help merchants ensure each aspect of their checkout process functions as designed and is accurate, from coupons, to item quantity, payment methods, and more complex transactions such as promotions and refunds.

Applause enables companies to validate payment transactions that are made online or in-store and provides access to a diversity of payment instruments including credit cards, mobile wallets, and in-app payments.

Benefits of Transaction Validation with Applause

With Applause payment transaction validation, companies minimize the checkout abandonment process and ultimately drive revenue by being able to:

  • Optimize and Personalize: Ensure the payment methods local customers want to use are prioritized, available, and working
  • Minimize Friction: Find out not only where but why customers are abandoning the checkout process and fix it quickly, including feedback on security authentication methods such as false positives
  • Launch Confidently: Don't accept Murphy's Law as a given every time to you stand up a new payment method or shopping experience. Roll out releases confidently, knowing you've tested the checkout process and it works pre-production
  • Remove Bottleneck of Payment Testing: The opportunity cost of delaying release or of rolling out to 1% of customers to test your payment methods adds up quickly, especially as companies move to a more agile environment. Remove the bottleneck and release on time to 100% of your base on day 1 by testing payments during the release cycle
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“Applause has been able to identify testers for any country that we want, in a timely manner, with the payment instruments that we want. The real ROI we get by engaging with Applause is retaining our brand promise, which is that customers can safely and reliably do money transfer on our platform.”