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Confidently roll out 5G, roaming and exceptional network connectivity with a real-world approach to quality.

Coverage and Speed: Network Testing You Can Rely On

Ensure exceptional service quality for users everywhere with in-market, mobile network testing on real devices

As a mobile network operator (MNO), you are rapidly evolving to embrace and expand 5G, IoT connectivity, eSIM and many other new network technologies and services. But with 5G comes massive expectations for multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra low latency, massive network capacity, high reliability, increased network availability and a more holistic end-to-end experience to more users. How do you ensure you’re meeting those sky-high expectations at home and on the go? It requires a real-world approach to mobile network quality testing that emphasizes mobile users’ true experiences.

With Applause's unparalleled community-based approach, MNOs gain critical and actionable insights into functionality and usability that can only be learned by conducting mobile network testing with real users on real devices. Whether you’re validating 5G eMBB functionality like streaming or AR/VR gaming, ensuring international roaming quality, or testing massive IoT (mMTC) applications or mission-critical ultra-reliable low latency communication (URLLC) services, you will benefit from real-world testing. With Applause, you can launch new 5G and IoT services with confidence.

Exceptional Networks Require Real-World Testing

Go beyond testing in the lab to consistently deliver cutting-edge service and maintain customer loyalty. The benefits of Applause for MNOs include:

Expand 5G with confidence
Ensure a seamless 5G rollout as you expand infrastructure in more regions by testing for DL/UL speeds, network latency, reliability and UX with real in-market users
Connect with more diverse IoT devices
Validate mobile network quality of experience and connectivity on all your supported IoT devices
Validate international roaming experiences
Gain insights into international partners’ performance with real-world testing into travelers’ on-the-go experiences that fully emulates roaming subscribers’ experiences in 200 countries

5G Is Here — How Is Your 5G Experience?

Applause is well-positioned to help you validate new 5G services and experiences across a diverse range of use cases and 5G devices.

Applause partners with many leading global telecommunications providers to validate their mobile network quality with in-market testing around the world. Our in-the-wild approach to testing aligns perfectly with a focus on serving millions of users and devices around the globe. Here are a few specific areas where Applause helps telco companies:

  • Roaming: With Applause’s Roaming Testing solution, you’ll ensure high-quality international service for your mobile subscribers anywhere in the world. Rather than leveraging probes that can’t mimic actual users’ performance, you’ll receive market-specific, real-world feedback for insights into partner networks’ performance in top roaming destinations, including validating correct eSIM provisioning, IoT service launches and seamless 5G and VoLTE roaming experiences.
  • IoT devices: 5G is accelerating the launch of new IoT services and devices. MNOs need a testing plan that ensures they are providing optimal mMTC services for connected cars, smart cities and smart homes. Applause validates network connectivity and performance on real connected devices in real-world scenarios.
  • Service quality: Applause covers a wide range of testing scenarios, including validating 5G in new locations, network slicing to ensure your services are being prioritized properly, and fallback-to-legacy networks to give you insights into the subscriber experience when users are on the move and switch from 5G back to 4G LTE.

Swisscom Case Study

Learn how Swisscom, a major Swiss telecommunications provider, partners with Applause to test their platform’s functionality, UI, streaming quality and security.
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Are Traditional Testing Approaches Letting Your Users Down?

The speed of introducing new 5G services is accelerating. Applause can help you shift left in the SDLC. Let us show how we can extend your team’s capabilities and improve the quality of your services, from testing 5G experiences in new locations to validating your international roaming capabilities in top roaming destinations. Fill out this form and join thousands of Applause customers who’ve been able to:

  • Increase Release Velocity: Kick off testing at any time and see results in hours
  • Increase Productivity: Access qualified testing teams to scale as needed
  • Improve Quality: Uncover critical issues before they reach customers