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Solutions Overview

Applause crowdtesting and feedback solutions help Product, Engineering, and QA leaders gain rapid insight into the areas of digital quality that matter most to them. Our solutions span the SDLC providing a cohesive view into every aspect of your digital customer experience.

AI Training & Testing

Train and test your AI to ensure a flawless user experience.

For brands looking to deliver AI experiences that are accurate, intuitive and truly useful, Applause provides a scalable end-to-end solution that both trains algorithms to learn quickly and tests the outputs to ensure those algorithms are working correctly.

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Functional Testing

Real-world testing built for agile teams.

Leveraging our global community of vetted QA testers, Applause’s manual functional testing uncovers the highest-impact issues. Receiving actionable results in just hours enables you to deliver high-quality software on time, every time.

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Test Automation

Move faster while avoiding traditional overhead.

Mobile and web test automation with Applause brings you a community of experienced test engineers, proven methodologies, and an established automation framework that enables your team to release faster, increase coverage and free up your employees' time.

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Payment Testing

Test live payments anywhere.

Payment testing with Applause is the only way to test transactions with real payment instruments across the globe. Whether you are looking to expand into a new market, reduce risk, or improve payment usability, Applause offers flexible testing approaches allowing you to test at scale anywhere, anytime, in the world.

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Omnichannel Testing

Ensure quality and continuity across your end-to-end experience.

Applause omnichannel testing provides a holistic view of your brand’s experience across digital and/or physical channels. Our approach enables you to test complex journeys with those who match your customer profiles. You’ll receive actionable feedback and user insights to help make more informed decisions to improve your omnichannel strategy.

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Security Testing

Protect customer data and prevent unauthorized system access.

Applause security testing is led by knowledgeable security experts who test against industry standard and guidelines. Our experts offer unique strategies to help uncover vulnerabilities and provide a robust report and remediation action plan that gives you the confidence about the security of your digital properties.

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Accessibility Testing

Build and maintain digital experiences that are accessible to everyone.

Applause provides a human-driven and flexible approach to accessibility testing that embeds into your development process. With a team of accessibility experts and access to a full range of assistive technology, we test against established standards and provide actionable results and remediation.

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Usability Testing

Actionable insights to increase conversion and retention.

Usability testing with Applause provides the most complete view into your customer experience. Applause usability studies are led by knowledgeable UX experts and allow you to customize respondents to match your target audience to uncover meaningful insights.

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Voice Testing

Deliver intuitive and rewarding voice-forward experiences.

The complex nature of voice interfaces makes it difficult to ensure every customer enjoys an intuitive and engaging experience. Applause tests your voice applications and voice-enabled devices with real people and devices, in the same use cases where they’ll be used—helping you ship high quality experiences that customers love.

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