Crowdsourced Penetration Testing for Enterprises

Our vetted security professionals provide the speed and coverage benefits of the crowd, with the security and confidence of a hand-selected team. We uncover the critical issues that get missed with other approaches – the ones that cost you time, money, and your brand reputation.


Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Superior coverage compared to traditional testing approaches

Deep Domain Expertise

Deep Expertise

Instant access to hand-picked security talent

Rapid ROI

Diverse Approaches

Each expert brings unique strategies to uncovering vulnerabilities

Actionable Results

Actionable Results

All testing includes a detailed risk assessment and remediation plan



Reduce Risk With a Better Approach

Automated security tools are a good start, but they only provide a partial picture of risk and exposure. Applause white-hat security experts perform manual penetration testing and vulnerability assessments – taking the same approaches a hacker would. Discovered issues are logged in our secure platform then analyzed and compiled into a detailed risk assessment report including remediation recommendations.

Some of what we test for:

  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery
  • Data storage practices
  • Business logic / access control
  • Server security
  • SSL/TLS related flaws
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Each security expert brings his or her unique background and perspective. To have so many different approaches at uncovering weaknesses through a single vendor is amazing.”

TRENT SEED CTO at Oomnitza


Tap into Decades of Security Expertise

An exclusive subset of the world’s largest crowdtesting community, each Applause security expert is vetted and assessed by our security practice lead. The team is distributed across the globe, with concentrations in North America and Europe. With backgrounds in B2C, B2B, and across industries, each team member brings unique approaches and techniques to uncovering vulnerabilities.

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