Applause Roaming Testing

Ensure high-quality international service for your mobile subscribers anywhere in the world with on-demand, in-the-wild testing.

Create the Reliable Roaming Experiences Your Customers Demand

Test how partner networks handle real-world devices and user behavior

During international travel, mobile subscribers expect consistent connectivity. Telecommunications providers need to ensure roaming service delivers the same level of performance their users experience at home — whether subscribers are making calls, using apps or streaming media on the go.

Static test probes in fixed locations don’t tell the full story. While these tests can reveal whether a connection works, they don’t use real devices and can’t provide insight into the user experience for mobile subscribers in real-world scenarios. Mobile network operators need visibility into how network partners support different devices across various use cases, under different network conditions. Our community of digital experts spans the globe, offering unparalleled device and OS coverage so you can emulate the experience of your international subscribers on any device, whenever and wherever you need.

Benefits of Applause Roaming Testing

Applause makes it easy to understand how your partner networks measure up with feedback from real users on location, giving you the data you need to deliver the best possible roaming experience.

Market-Specific Feedback (Top Roaming Destinations)
See how partner networks perform in top roaming destinations and proactively assess user experience prior to and during major international events.
Customizable Test Scenarios
Evaluate the features that matter most to your subscribers, from using basic services to browsing the internet and using specific applications and services. Test new configurations after network changes, and roaming partner rollout of IR21 updates.
New Technology and Service Validation
Ensure you and and your roaming partners are ready for new technology rollouts. Validate correct eSIM provisioning, IoT service launches and seamless 5G and VoLTE roaming experience on your partner networks across real devices.
Actionable Insights
You’ll receive a list of failures prioritized by severity level, supported with detailed bug reports containing screenshots, videos and remediation recommendations.

Customized Testing Teams Provide the Coverage You Need

Digital Experts On Demand 24/7/365

Applause’s global uTest community offers you access to custom testing teams in 200 countries that match your subscriber profiles on standby. We’ll assemble teams of vetted digital experts to evaluate the devices, operating systems and locales most important to you and your customers. Learn what the roaming experience is like for subscribers making calls from a crowded airport or shopping center, texting from a moving train, or posting social media updates from a VIP press conference.

With Applause’s real-world crowdtesting, you’ll uncover critical issues before they adversely impact your subscribers. Armed with the details you need to recreate and address bugs, you’ll be able to improve your customer’s roaming experience. You’ll get triaged test results delivered right to your bug tracking systems so you can resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Ready to Deliver Better Roaming Services?

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  • Increase Productivity: Access qualified testing teams whenever you need them.
  • Improve Quality: Uncover critical issues before they reach your subscribers.