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Gain shopper loyalty with digital experiences that keep them coming back.

Transcend Retail Standards at Every Touchpoint

The resources you need to excel everywhere

Shoppers interact with your brand across a myriad of digital and physical touchpoints. Your brand’s success depends on providing a consistent experience at every point of the customer journey. When customers encounter an issue with your BOPIS program or can’t check out easily, they’ll simply head to a competitor. How can your brand ensure it’s delivering top-notch offerings to all shoppers and meeting them where they are?

Applause helps retailers build and maintain a digital-first experience. Our community-based approach coupled with our enterprise-class testing platform, helps you expand your reach and capacity to evolve with customers. With Applause, you finally have the resources you need to ensure that shoppers have stellar end-to-end journeys across multiple touchpoints and devices. Our testers validate that key offerings, such as in-store pick-up and discount code redemption, function properly, and show you where you can improve your UX to build meaningful experiences.

Finally, You Can Go Beyond ‘Good Enough’

Retail is a crowded market, and you need to truly understand your shoppers to earn their loyalty. With Applause, you have the holistic testing platform you need to deliver the digital quality your shoppers expect, enabling you to:

Ensure seamless and personalized experiences
Identify real-world issues and validate unexpected customer paths
Validate the full end-to-end customer journey
Gain actionable insights and recommendations into digital and in-person experiences
Eliminate payment processing issues
Test in-market alternative payment methods at scale

A Real-World Testing Approach to Address Shopping Cart Abandonment

Testing with real customers eliminates painful issues before they impact your bottom line

Shopping cart abandonment rates are over 80% in the retail industry, and are even higher for mobile checkout. This is evidence of the need to better understand why customers don’t check out — and how you can improve the process. The only way to gain these insights is by testing in the real world, with real users, on real devices.

Applause provides custom and diverse teams of skilled, independent real-world testers that augment your internal QA efforts. Testers interact with your experiences under real-world conditions across the devices and locations that are relevant to you, and identify high-impact bugs before they reach your customers. If an issue prevents them from checking out easily, you will know about it before your customers, and have the information needed to address the bug quickly.

Our products and solutions span functional, usability, accessibility and payment testing across digital and in-store locations, providing full visibility into operational readiness and your end-to-end experience — and enabling you to deliver the exceptional to everyone.

Shake Shack Case Study

Learn how Shake Shack successfully launched its first mobile order-ahead experience by assessing and stress testing its app and in-store operations with Applause.
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Are Traditional Testing Approaches Letting Your Customers Down?

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