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Welcome to the new age of retail.

Omnichannel is table stakes. AI personalization is here. And if your ecommerce strategy is three years old, you won’t see 2020. Retail today is riddled with technological complexity – and the cost of getting it wrong is high.

Applause conducted a detailed assessment of the digital and omnichannel experiences of over 50 top global retailers during the holiday season. It turns out not every brand was ready for retail’s busiest days.

Read our 2019 Retail Quality Report to learn more.

Applause solutions improve your retail experience.

Ecommerce Testing

40% of ecommerce sales will be via mobile by 2023

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Omnichannel Testing

50% of adults browse online before heading to a store

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Accessibility Testing

25% of US adults live with a disability

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The proof is in the ROI

Applause clients reduce testing lab costs by 75% and unplanned downtime by 50%.

In this report, Hobson & Company, an independent research firm, conducted an in-depth analysis of the return on investment (ROI) retailers receive with Applause. According to the results, clients can realize a full payback on their investment within 1.7 months – retailers were not only able to release more code with Applause, but the quality of their software also increased.

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Are poor digital experiences threatening your success?

The world’s top retailers leverage Applause to improve the quality of their software and customer experiences. They’re able to increase their release velocity and productivity while improving the quality of their software. Find out what you’re missing.
  • Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Validate functionality across any device/OS combination at scale.
  • Ensure Great Personalized Experiences Identify targeted demographics to test experiences across all touchpoints.
  • Improve the Speed and Scale of Testing Scale your testing to match the demand of retail’s peak seasons.

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