Applause Research: Data-Driven Decisionmaking

The best business decisions are data-driven, helping you confidently launch new initiatives and expand into new markets. The changing global landscape of technology, regulation and growing consumer-centricity has created a complex environment to navigate. At the end of the day, how you go to market and what tech you introduce must be relevant to local markets.

Our expert Applause Research practice helps you understand new markets and product perception. Whether you are benchmarking against existing competitors or forging new ground, we can help you launch with confidence.

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Competitive Benchmarking

Understand where your competitors succeed - and fail - to gain your competitive edge. Through secondary research and data modeling, Applause assesses relative market share and leadership positions to provide a high-level view. Through our primary research methods, we recruit participants that mirror your customer targets anywhere in the world, to complete a series of tasks and complete a survey to provide first-hand feedback.

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Product Research

Developing a successful product is not just about behind the scenes use case development and response to support tickets. Product research, done well, can connect you with what your customers and potential customers are looking for, so that your product meets - or exceeds - their expectations. Applause leverages our global community to recruit participants that match your users’ demographics for surveys, focus groups and other testing, anywhere in the world.

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Payment Research

Whether you’re launching a digital wallet or entering a market on the other side of the globe, Applause specializes in helping companies research and understand the landscape surrounding new payment instruments and processes in markets worldwide.

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The Applause Research solution gives you the insight and feedback you need to create a great digital experience for your customers. Contact us today to find out more.

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"Many of the issues Applause reports to us end up approved and fixed. So it is clear that Applause is providing valuable feedback to us that is enabling us to bring a higher quality product to market."

- Csaba Szabo
Software Engineer, Skyscanner