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Market Insights gives you real-time insights into how software works in the real world. You’ll have the knowledge you need to deliver apps that delight customers and give you a competitive edge.

The best decisions are data-driven. Market Insights gives you better insights into your customers, prospects and target markets.


Smart Choices

Smart Choices

Make strategic decisions based on real customer data

Meet Demands

Meet Demands

Deliver the customer experiences that the market demands

Evaluate Competition

Evaluate Competition

Benchmark your experiences against competitors

Know Your Users

Know Your Users

Understand customer perspectives and viewpoints

Research: Surveys


Get in touch with real people at any stage of your SDLC

Whether you need quick feedback on a prototype or just want to know what people carry in their wallet, Applause surveys are the fastest way to get input from people that match your customers. Tell us what questions you have, the types of panelists you are interested in, and we’ll take it from there.

  • Access to a worldwide community - specify any location, device, interests, job titles, and more
  • Led by an Applause Researcher - use your own survey or we’ll create one for you
  • See results in days from a community that’s already engaged and ready to go
  • Summary report including insights and recommendations plus raw data

We spoke with market research groups, secret shopper companies, and other app testing companies but Applause really understood best what we were trying to accomplish.”

Zach Koff COO of Shake Shack
Research: Focus Groups

Focus Groups

Understand market feelings, perceptions, and opinions

Applause in-depth focus groups bring together a small group of individuals to talk through their viewpoints on any product, approach or idea. We’ll help you measure market reaction to anything you are currently doing or plan to do in the future.

  • Specify demographics, psychographics, buying attitudes or any other participant requirements
  • Benchmark against competitive offerings to see how you stack up
  • Applause Researcher crafts questions, conducts interviews, and analyzes results
  • Sessions can be conducted remotely or in-person
  • Summary research report including takeaways, recommendations, notes and recordings
Field Studies

Field Studies

Gain true insight into real world performance

From setup and installation to task flows, customers use software and products in ways never expected. In addition, each customer’s environment is unique and different. Applause field studies take your digital experiences, or competitors’, into the real world, providing a picture of how well they fit into people’s everyday lives.

  • Measure short-term or long-term usage - conducted over days, weeks, or even months
  • Assess pre-release or production software and devices
  • View direct participant feedback and observations as well as individual interviews conducted by an Applause Researcher
  • Summary research report including analysis, ratings, and reviews