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Manage More Testing with Ease and Excellence.

Extend Your QA Efforts With a Flexible Team

Scale testing resources on your schedule.

Quality is your obsession. But your team is constantly stretched thin, deadlines are tight and there are always too many critical customer flows to test. How are you supposed to ensure customers don’t encounter impactful bugs when you can’t test everything you’re supposed to on time?

Now you’ve got a QA partner. Applause’s community-based approach, coupled with our enterprise-class testing platform, gives you access to real-world insights and increased testing capacity. With our flexible and scalable model, your teams will have the support they need to ensure everything that needs to be tested, gets tested. Finally, you can meet deadlines and detect critical bugs before customers do — achieving digital quality with ease.

Your QA Team is Getting Reinforcements

Applause is the only holistic testing platform that identifies issues before customers do.

Find Show-Stopper Bugs
30%-50% fewer critical bug fixes needed by identifying bugs before they reach your customers.
Supplement Your Teams
200%+ more testing capacity that increases your capabilities across devices, OSes, geographies and more.
Defeat Crazy Deadlines
On-demand testing with immediate results means your teams don’t need to work 24/7.

Proven Testers for Proven Results

Leverage specialized teams of qualified professionals.

Applause engages, assembles and manages custom teams of skilled QA professionals that augment your teams and remain focused on your product throughout your SDLC. Proven testers serve as your consistent team to maintain ongoing knowledge of your products and boost the speed and scalability of your efforts. With testers available in real time, you can scale up or down to match shifting testing volume and business priorities.

Testing in real-world settings enables more comprehensive device and location coverage, leading to more flexibility and fewer bugs found in production. Applause’s fully managed service integrates seamlessly within your existing Agile or CI/CD environment, augmenting your internal team’s ability to keep up with the pace of development.

Dignity Health Case Study

See how Applause integrates into the Dignity Health team and helps the healthcare company speed release velocity and improve test coverage.
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Take Back Your Weekends and Support Your Existing Testing Team

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