How We Help Product Teams

Get to market faster while ensuring end-user satisfaction.

Real-World Testing for Higher-Quality Products

Find issues before your customers do.

Product teams are in a constant struggle for limited development resources and often need to re-prioritize team projects at a moment’s notice. Real-world testing can help you increase the capacity of your internal teams and allow engineers to focus on development, helping you get to market faster while still ensuring a high-quality product.

Applause assembles custom teams of qualified testers who match your exact customer profiles. These testers are available anywhere across the globe and at any time to test your product in real-world environments. Testing in the settings that your customers live, work and play, on the real devices they use every day, allows you to uncover more issues before your users do, improving product quality and increasing customer conversion and retention rates.

Benefits of Applause for Product Teams

24/7 access to curated testing and feedback teams frees up development and QA resources to focus on roadmap initiatives, leading to faster go-to-market with fewer bugs. Our clients, on average, see:

Better Customer Experience

50% reduction in bugs released to customers.

Faster Time to Revenue

30% acceleration in projected revenue.

Higher Conversion and Retention Rates

10% Increase in customer conversion and retention.

Increased Release Velocity

150% increase in number of releases per year.

Actionable and Unbiased User Feedback

See your product from the end-user perspective.

Nobody knows your customers’ wants and needs better than the customers themselves. Applause matches your testing teams to your exact demographics so you can integrate the voice of the customer into your entire development lifecycle to improve the usability and intuitiveness of your products.

Applause testers provide actionable and unbiased feedback from an end-user’s perspective. They understand both your digital strategy as well as what your competitors are doing to deliver experiences that keep customers coming back. This knowledge and resulting feedback can drive critical business decisions on what you’re doing well, what needs improvement and how you can beat the competition.

Master Lock Case Study

See how Master Lock evolved its products in the digital age with Applause ensuring its IoT-enabled smart locks met customer expectations across the globe.
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Bring New Products to Market Faster and with More Confidence

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  • Reduce Risk and Launch Faster: Mobilize real-world testers at a moment’s notice.
  • Increase Conversion Rates: Reduce friction in key user flows.
  • Develop More Informed Product Roadmap: Capture user feedback early and often to improve experiences.