The Product Excellence Platform

Transcend your customers’ rising expectations, with the only holistic testing platform for digital product excellence.

Exceptional is the New Standard

Go beyond good enough to achieve the exceptional in every experience.

We live in a world where end users primarily engage with you through digital assets – a trend that was only exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Mobile apps, voice-driven devices, connected homes, smart wearables – these are all part of the fabric of your customers’ everyday lives. That’s why the single most critical competitive advantage for your brand – that will overwhelmingly determine whether you win, lose or keep customers – is the quality of your digital assets, and the speed at which you can deliver them. Just as you can gain customers by providing an excellent experience, you can lose them just as quickly if a digital asset doesn’t live up to expectations.

End users are no longer satisfied with digital experiences that are good enough. They demand the exceptional. Your customers expect all digital experiences to be intuitive, accessible and enjoyable. Most importantly, they expect them to work the first time and every time. Helping you meet these expectations has always been our mission, and we continue to disrupt the testing market to empower brands like you to release exceptional digital experiences.

The Applause Product Excellence Platform (PEP) is our first-of-a-kind platform that provides the comprehensive approach to quality that you need to deliver uncommonly great experiences to your end users. It does so by combining world-class software products, an enterprise-grade SaaS testing infrastructure, a wide range of digital testing solutions and access to the world’s largest community of digital experts. This harmonized approach gives you the insights and expertise you need to release digital assets with greater velocity and confidence.

A Harmonized Approach to Quality

Obsessed with quality? So are we. That’s why we pioneered a harmonized testing approach to give you the coverage, quality and speed your customers demand.

A Harmonized Approach to Quality
With fully integrated manual and automated testing capabilities, the PEP ensures the highest release velocity and broadest test coverage possible.
Specialized Solutions
True digital quality excellence does not stop at functional testing – that’s why the PEP includes solutions for User Experience, Accessibility, Customer Journeys, Voice, Payments and AI.
SaaS Products
SaaS products, including our new Applause Codeless Automation and Bring Your Own Testers offerings, ensure you have a cohesive strategy for product excellence.
Deep Domain Expertise
Our deep domain and vertical knowledge ensures that, no matter the industry or use case, we have the right solution and curated teams to help you launch with confidence.
Strategic Partnerships
We partner with the world’s leading system integrators to bring innovative solution sets to market and best serve joint customers.
Global Testing Community
Applause’s uTest community of digital experts serves as the foundation of the PEP, connecting the world’s innovators with the world’s users.
Technical Infrastructure
The open and enterprise-class SaaS infrastructure underpins the PEP and integrates seamlessly into your existing SDLC, testing and development processes.

Everything You Need to Deliver Excellent Digital Experiences

The Product Excellence Platform combines a wide range of digital quality products and solutions with our expertise across industries, an open and enterprise-grade SaaS infrastructure and partnerships with leading systems integrators, all built on the foundation of uTest – the leading community of digital experts. Click to learn more about each element of the Product Excellence Platform.

We Are All In On Excellence. Join Us.

Today, good to not good enough. Let’s commit to excellence together.

By delivering a complete infrastructure combined with a full range of digital quality products and solutions, the Applause Product Excellence Platform empowers you to release higher-quality products to market at greater velocity. This not only improves testing coverage and increases customer conversion, retention and loyalty, it also reduces costs from critical fixes and unplanned downtime.

We are committed to delivering more value to you through the Product Excellence Platform. As a result of this evolution to a platform company, we will continue to launch new features, solutions and SaaS products that will be integrated into the PEP to best serve your needs and meet the expectations of your end users, enabling you to deliver quality at the speed of development.

Ready to Release Exceptional Products Faster, More Often and with Greater Confidence?

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