The Applause Difference

Our Platform

Our industry-leading SaaS platform and SDK make it easy to kick off tests, interact with the community, and receive actionable insights in real time.

Easily Launch Tests

Maximize your team’s efficiency and agility.

Our goal is for your team to be as efficient as possible, spending less time setting up tests and digging through data so you can spend more time executing fixes. Our platform provides a seamless interface making it simple to launch a test. Just point to your build, define your test scope, and choose tester requirements like devices, locations, or languages directly from the interface. To save even more time, send a Slack message or email to your Solution Delivery Manager and they’ll do it for you!

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See Issues in Real Time

Everything you need to make the right decisions, fast.

Speed is the name of the game. The faster you receive issues and feedback, the faster you can take corrective action. With Applause, testing results generally start to come back within minutes and bug reports are available instantaneously—complete with reproduction steps, device logs, and screen recordings.

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Connect to the Community

Get to know your testers.

Interested in learning about the testers who work on your projects? View any tester profile, complete with tester ratings, bios, background, and details on devices owned. You can even “favorite” testers to make sure they get invited back to future projects.

Have a question on a bug report or need additional information? Post a message or reach out and chat directly with the tester who reported the issue. Because our testers are paid only on issues you approve, their response time is usually within an hour.

View Analytics and Reporting

Complete visibility for making informed decisions.

Spot trends, verify coverage, and make informed decisions. View the status of all active projects and submissions so as to instantly find items that require action. You can even gain visibility into device/OS coverage, crash and session logs, and more to identify trends and pinpoint problem areas.

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Integrate into Your Workflows

Work out of your systems, not ours. Integrations with popular bug tracking systems allow your team to continue working out of a single, familiar environment.