Payment Testing

Maximize revenue with seamless digital payment experiences anywhere across the globe.

Get Payments Right The First Time

Test real transactions with in-market, diverse payment instruments across the globe.

In a world of complex payment options and high consumer expectations, the ability to test transactions hasn’t kept pace. Not to mention, dummy credit cards and test mode sandboxes are unreliable and often provide a false sense of comfort. Can you truly be confident in your ability to execute transactions when you’re testing payments in these ways?

Only by testing with real, live payment instruments can you confidently know every customer, regardless of payment method, can transact successfully. Leveraging a global community holding thousands of personally owned payment instruments and available to conduct real, in-market transactions, Applause helps you test at scale anywhere, anytime, in the world.

Getting the sale is hard — the transaction should be easy.

Applause gives you confidence by testing live transactions with real people and payment instruments.

Test with Real Transactions
Validate transactions using real accounts and live payment instruments
Get Global, Omnichannel Coverage
Access to in-market payment methods, both online and in-store
Go Beyond Pass/Fail
Uncover root cause of complex payment issues that prevent transactions, around the globe

Full Visibility into Your Customer's Payment Process

Improve usability and reduce risk.

Are you adding new payment methods? Rolling out a digital wallet? Expanding into new territories and need to accept in-market alternative payment methods (APMs)? In any circumstance, we’ve got you covered. Applause identifies testers with the payment methods and in the locations you are looking to support, monitors the progress of their functional payment testing with live transactions, and then synthesizes the results for your team.

Applause payment testing is always done in-market. The testers working on your projects are available across the globe and are familiar with how each payment method works in their region. Testers will log bugs, provide experience feedback, receipts, account screenshots and screen recordings, all which are available to your team so you can understand the payment process from a customer's perspective. Once an issue is identified, we’ll go back and verify the fix so you can confidently release it to your customers.

Western Union Case Study

Discover how Western Union digitized its global payments network with Applause’s help.
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Worried You’re Leaving Money on the Table?

Let us show you how testing with real transactions can dramatically increase your payment confidence. Simply fill out the form below, and join thousands of Applause customers who’ve been able to:

  • Increase Conversions: Validated payment flows work as expected.
  • Enter More Markets: We support region-appropriate payment instruments and stay abreast of regulatory issues.
  • Prevent Revenue Leakage: Accurate billing and collection of funds.