Partnerships with World-Class Systems Integrators

We partner with the world’s leading system integrators to deliver a complete end-to-end testing solution for ultimate coverage and quality. Join us.

Extend the Capabilities of Offshore Testing

Become more valuable to your clients by adding global, in-market testing to your portfolio.

Traditional offshore and outsourced service providers partner with Applause to deliver more innovative approaches to testing. The depth and breadth of the Applause Product Excellence Platform™ enables partners to deliver best-in-class testing, by leveraging our full suite of SaaS products and digital quality solutions to complement their own offerings.

The combination of our front-end approach to digital quality with our partners’ backend application testing and behind-the-firewall validation services, means we are able to collectively deliver exceptional end-to-end testing for our joint customers.

Maintaining Business Continuity in Times of Crisis

A distributed, remote model built to withstand even the most uncertain, unpredictable circumstances.

The coronavirus pandemic exposed the difficulties of offshore testing, as many vendors dealt with the complexity of moving to a fully remote workforce. Lacking both the required infrastructure (laptops, in-home Wi-Fi capabilities), as well as the cultural familiarity of working remotely, these vendors were not able to deliver the business continuity their customers needed. However, because Applause is the global leader in distributed, remote and at-home digital testing, we were able to support our partners and their clients throughout the pandemic to help them deliver business continuity, release velocity and exceptional digital experiences.

Applause’s enterprise-scale infrastructure enabled us to continue to serve our clients despite the challenges brought on by COVID-19. Ensuring secure access into client environments and pre-production builds is already core to our approach, and we experienced no slowdown in meeting our customers’ needs for digital quality testing. Rather, we’ve seen a substantial spike in testing activity, as clients increasingly turn to us to help them release on schedule in a distributed work environment.

Completely Open and Integrated Technology Infrastructure

Seamless Integrations for Speed and Ease of Use

The open and enterprise-grade SaaS infrastructure that underpins the Product Excellence Platform integrates directly with your existing technologies, tools and processes for a streamlined approach to quality. We partner with the leaders in technology – including bug tracking systems, automation frameworks, release management processes and test case management tools – all embedded directly into our SaaS technical infrastructure.

These technology partnerships and direct integrations mean you can implement testing earlier in the SDLC and align with the rapid cadences of CI/CD and Agile. And, with our open APIs, bug fix verification tools and two-way integrations with the leading bug tracking systems, you can be sure that you are speeding up release velocity while delivering exceptional digital experiences to your end users.