Our software-as-a-service platform, SDK and intuitive mobile apps make it easy to connect your apps with our community, interact with the team, and get results quickly.

Spend less time digging through results and more time innovating.
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Results Anytime, Anywhere

View detailed results on-the-go and in real-time

Setup tests and projects, view test case results, bug reports, user feedback/market insights reports, and more from a single interface. All community submissions are instantly available and include reproduction steps, environment details, and attachments like screenshots, video recordings, and device logs.


Connected To Our Community

Dependable information submitted in-context

The Applause Platform connects you directly to your custom community teams. All submissions are formatted in the same consistent manner and are reviewed by your Applause Technical Lead for quality and validity.

iPhone journey Community can make submissions from the uTest website or using our mobile app bug report Optional Applause SDK lets community members submit reports directly from your mobile app account set View the profile of each community member working on your projects, and chat with them in real-time if you have questions

A good user experience cuts through the noise. Which is where the partnership with Applause is incredibly valuable."

Ariff Sidi SVP Digital Products and Platforms, FOX


Spot trends, verify coverage, and make informed decisions

View the status of all active projects and submissions to instantly find items that require action. Gain visibility into device/OS coverage, crash and session logs, and more to identify trends and pinpoint problem areas.



Shake Shack was able to go live with the operational test as early as next day."

Zach Koff COO at Shake Shack


Work out of your systems, not ours

Out-of-the-box integrations with popular bug tracking systems (including two-way JIRA integration) allow your team to continue working out of a single, familiar environment. Using a less popular BTS? Integrate via webhooks or email.

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